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May 17, 2021

Updated May 17, 2021

Like with any other social media platform, there are several different rules and standards when it comes to Facebook banner size. The difference in dimensions could be found when it comes to cover photos, profile photos, group covers, business pages, and so on. Knowing your limits when choosing the best size for Facebook banner is the key to creating your most successful banner.

We’ll try to go over most of the Facebook banner types that could be found, one by one, starting with the Facebook profile banner size.

Facebook profile banner size

Your profile picture’s dimensions are as basic as it gets – it should be a square with a Facebook banner picture size of 170 x 170 pixels.

01_Facebook Banner Sizes

This is how this image is going to get shown when using a regular desktop – but mobile devices are working with different dimensions. That’s why your profile picture’s Facebook mobile banner size is going to be shown as 128 x 128 pixels, which is slightly smaller than the original.

However, even though your uploaded picture should be a square one, Facebook shows it in a round shape. To counteract that, your Facebook profile picture should have your face at the center of the screen, if it’s your own picture.

Alternatively, when it comes to your business’s Facebook logo instead of your own profile picture, you should make sure that the logo is centered and nothing would be cut off by Facebook’s own cropping.

Both personal and business logo centering issues might be resolved using an empty circle with a colored border to your profile picture in the graphic editor. That’s how you’ll be able to center the picture correctly – and delete the circle before saving the results of your efforts.

Facebook cover banner size. Facebook business page banner size

Facebook cover images are a great multifunctional tool for both personal pages and business accounts. However, the importance of getting the correct Facebook business page banner size is much bigger than with the personal page cover.

02_Facebook Banner Sizes

The content of your Facebook business page cover is not the only part that is of vital importance. There’s also the content placement within the banner, and the correct Facebook business banner size to think of. Each of them is as important as the other one.

The placement of the content is important because even though the basic Facebook cover banner size is 820 x 360, the contents of your banner should be centered and placed in the middle of the banner. The main reason for that is the way Facebook displays this particular image in different clients.

Desktop client, for example, shows the entire image’s width – 820 pixels, but it also cuts out a bit from both the upper and the lower size of a banner. With that in mind, we can safely say that the regular desktop Facebook cover banner size is 820 x 312 pixels – since 24 pixels are cut out from both the upper and the lower parts of your banner.


However, the situation for mobile device users is different. When you’re accessing the same business page from a mobile device, your Facebook business banner size is changing in a different way – showing you the entire height of a banner, but limiting the width.

Since 90 pixels are getting cut out from each of the banner sizes in the mobile view, the end result of this is a 640 x 360 pixels banner size on mobile devices. Combining both of the cases above, it’s safe to say that most of your page cover’s contents should be kept within the specific area in the middle of a banner with a Facebook page banner size of 640 x 312 pixels.

Facebook group banner size

There are several other different image types that Facebook can use for different banner placements, and they are far less convoluted when it comes to their placement within the web page. A Facebook group banner is a good example of that, appearing at the very beginning of the website – at the very top of the page, that is.

03_Facebook Banner Sizes

Group banners have one primary purpose – to introduce visitors to the group they have gotten in. This is the reason why big and noticeable elements are welcome for group banners – such as short text messages with a large font or big images, these are some of the easier ways to attract fresh people to the group.
As for the size, the most common combination of dimensions for a Facebook group banner is 856 pixels in width and 1640 – in length, which also makes the group banner unique in terms of size since there are no other banner examples on Facebook with these dimensions.

Facebook event banner size

The biggest difference between event banners and group banners is their purpose – group banners are about a general experience of the group, while event banners are more specific, with photo showcases, expectations from events, as well as scheduling, and more.

04_Facebook Banner Sizes

The combination of dimensions for an event banner is also rather distinctive, with an aspect ratio that is rather close to 2:1 and the dimensions themselves being 1005 pixels in width and 1920 pixels in length.

Facebook banner size in inches

With that being said, the metric system is not the only system in the world, which is why banner dimensions can also be provided in inches, and not just pixels.

05_Facebook Banner Sizes

Next, we’ll list all of the discussed banner sizes, as well as their Facebook banner size inches:

  • A square image of 170 pixels in height and the same in length is a normal profile picture banner size, which translates into 1.77 inches for both dimensions.

  • A business page banner and a cover banner have the same combination of dimensions, with one side being 3.75 inches wide and another side being 8.54 inches tall – this can also be translated into 360 and 820 pixels, respectively

  • A group cover banner is, understandably, bigger than the previous examples, with standard dimensions of 1640 pixels (or 17.08 inches) in length and 856 pixels (8.92 inches) in width.

  • An event banner is going to be the biggest example on this list, with one side being exactly 1920 pixels wide, while the other side is just 1005 pixels in length. Both of these can be translated into 20 and 10.47 inches, respectively.

It is worth mentioning that 96 pixels per single inch were the conversion rate we used in the list above since this is the industry standard for this kind of content.

Cool Facebook banner examples

While it is true that knowing the correct measurements for specific banner types is important when it comes to social media advertising, there is also an entirely different part of this process – actually designing the banner in question. This is an issue that does not have a specific solution for itself, since there are a lot of different variables – the purpose of a banner, the target audience, the market in question, etc.

However, what we can do is to present multiple different examples of creative Facebook banners and explain why they are good in the first place. In this case, we are going to have different banner sizes for our examples, including business page banners, event banners and group cover banners – and we are also going to group them based on a specific theme these banners are going for.

Our first example is a rather common theme for online advertising – shopping. For both example #1 and example #2 you can see this specific theme, represented in both the text portions and the images. Example #1 uses a direct association of a shopping bag with the shopping as a process, and adds a CTA (Call-to-Action) to it, and example #2 deviates from that a little and concentrates on shopping as buying gifts – represented by multiple gift bags in the background of the banner.

cool facebook banner example #1: business page banner

cool facebook banner example #2: business page banner

You can see that both of these examples were in a specific category – business page banners. As an alternative in a similar fashion, we can also present example #3 – an event banner that promotes not the entire marketplace, but a specific new collection of items (with both an assortment of items themselves, as well as the banner title in a large font). This is a rather simple example, which does not make it any less useful for specific promotion purposes.

cool facebook banner example #3: business page banner

Speaking of event promotion, we also have two more examples of Facebook e-commerce banners that focus on promoting a specific event – promoting a sale using a group cover banner, in these examples. Both example #4 and example #5 are created using a similar pattern – a simplistic title of the banner with a simple background performed in a single color, combined with an image of a person to attract attention. Banner #5 also features a specific spot where your company’s logo goes, too.

cool facebook banner example #4: business page banner

cool facebook banner example #5: business page banner

Of course, Facebook ecommerce banner promotion is not just about promoting entire storefronts of marketplaces, there are multiple different cases of smaller and more specific stores featured using the same banner style as we have seen above. Example #6 showcases a clean promotion for a jewelry shop, with a strong emphasis on wedding rings (as the title shows). The combination of a two-tone blurred background image and a pair of rings at the front of a banner also makes for a pleasant visual scene as a whole.

cool facebook banner example #6: business page banner

Showcasing specific products is not a guaranteed way to create a cool Facebook banner, since there are plenty of ways to do so, with the only limit being a person’s creativity. As such, example #7 features the promotion of a beauty product set with multiple renditions of its title (“Love yourself”) that doubles as a slogan here. The background itself is also rather pleasant to look at, as well, and the background composition as a whole plays into the “beauty” theme of an entire banner.

cool facebook banner example #7: business page banner

Speaking of beauty, showcasing all kinds of beauty products is not the only way to promote a product or service in this market. In example #8 you can see one of many creative Facebook banners that promote beauty-related services such as cosmetologist – and putting a person’s face in such an unusual fashion is a great way to promote this particular service. The entire banner’s background is rather simplistic, too, with only one color and several simple patterns to complement both the person’s face and the title of the banner.

cool facebook banner example #8: business page banner

The beauty industry is not the only one that has a lot of demand when it comes to different services – there are many other examples that also use creative and cool Facebook banners (as well as many other promotion methods) to showcase their specific service. Example #9 is a dental care banner ad, with a toothbrush as its centerpiece, and a short but detailed explanation of the service in question. This type of banner can also be described as simplistic, from a single-tone background to the lack of unnecessary details on the banner.

cool facebook banner example #9: business page banner

There are also many different cool Facebook banners that are more centered around a specific object and not an entire scope of products or services – example #10 works best in describing that, as a promotion for a specific type of snack called “Love Corn”. This particular promotion attracts attention to it in many ways – with a flashy yellow background, a short but sweet title, as well as the imagery of the snack itself in motion.

cool facebook banner example #10: business page banner

It is near impossible to count all the ways that a rather simple Facebook banner can turn the entire promotion campaign around – these are just some of the examples that can be used in one way or another. It does require some work in terms of composition and the overall message, but the results more than makeup for it.


As a massive social media platform, Facebook has many different ways to implement images into your personal or business page, and almost each of these images has to have a specific Facebook banner image size.

We went over the most popular types of Facebook banners, with their own sizes, dimensions, and use cases. It is important to mention that many ad builders on the Internet provide plenty of Facebook banner size templates if you are not sure where to start with the whole banner creation process.

Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst

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