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Oct 25, 2021

Updated Oct 25, 2021

Promotion is extremely important in the modern world. Almost every possible market out there is highly competitive, and you have to promote yourself in many different ways to get noticed by potential clients. While there are many different methods and techniques that can be used, banner ads is one of the most efficient among others.

A properly constructed banner can drive your sales, increase your traffic, and more – but you also have to be aware of the fact that everyone uses banners. This means that standing out is the key – using original designs, creative versioning and other options. However, sometimes it is not an easy task as image editing can take a long time.

This has been a problem for a while, ever since Photoshop got immensely popular as the “go-to” image editing software (and it still is). The problem is that Photoshop requires a certain level of knowledge and experience to be able to use it efficiently – something that not every marketing specialist has by default.

Luckily enough, complex image editing software, such as Photoshop, is not the only option for banner creation. Recently, there has been a boom of free online image editing services, offering a wide variety of features, an easy-to-use interface, and no cost attached to it. Obviously, such a boom has quickly created one more highly competitive market – the free banner maker solution market, that is.

As such, we’re presenting our take on the top 10 free online banner makers out there, with a short description attached to each and every one of them:


creatopy landing page

Creatopy is a relatively popular variation of a free online banner maker that leans more to the business side of banner creation – offering you not only the ability to generate banners in multiple sizes at once but also to try out multiple different combinations of headlines, calls-to-action, and background images to see which one works better for each specific image shape.

That’s not to say that Creatopy lacks in features as your regular banner maker, either – there are many useful image editing features, such as adding shapes, text boxes, and other images, animating elements, picking something from a wide variety of templates, saving a banner in a specific format, etc.


picmaker landing page

Picmaker seems like a basic banner maker from the first glance, with your regular set of image editing features. It can add text boxes, objects, and images, change fonts, colors and backgrounds, etc. However, one of the largest points of recognition for Picmaker comes from its versatility. As such, there is a wide selection of different image types that Picmaker can create.

Twitter posts, YouTube thumbnails, LinkedIn banners, Facebook Ads, blog post photos, stickers, invitations, flyers, brochures, invoices, logos, posters, certificates – these are just some of the examples of image types that Picmaker works with. Each and every different type of banner comes with its own landing page, several templates as an example, and a list of the biggest features for this specific image type – for example, in the picture (and link) above it’s all about YouTube banners.


visme landing page

If Picmaker does not seem like a good option for you, you can try out Visme, which follows a similar idea – a relatively common banner maker app on the web with a wide variety of other features and templates available. Visme does not offer a dedicated page for each and every type of media, but it does present all of them on one page – the template choosing page that you see before accessing the image editor itself. 

There are many different types of banners and images that can be created here, including social media posts, document title pages, different types of graphics, presentations, animated banners, charts, printables, and more. Obviously, you can always edit each and every template using Visme’s own image editor, as well, with all of your regular features included in the package.


fotor landing page

Fotor is another example of a free website banner maker with a different twist to it. This one focuses heavily on being both quick and efficient, thanks to its abundance of templates and a useful cloning feature. Fotor can be used from any device (including mobile phones), and it offers both standard and unique features for your image design.

For example, there are the usual features of adding text, images, and objects, adjusting colors and sizes, etc. Additionally, there are some of the more specific effects and options, such as lighting, HDR effects, a large library of fonts, and more. Another interesting feature that Fotor can offer is the set of tutorials to make your image design even better and easier than before.


canva landing page

Canva is widely known as one of the best solutions on the graphic design market – offering the ability to create a wide variety of images, from posters, resumes, and wallpapers to presentations, watermarks and banners. Canva’s feature set greatly resembles a standalone graphic design software, with incredible potential in capable hands.

That being said, Canva is also extremely user-friendly and offers a literal ocean of different templates for all kinds of purposes and use cases, so that you can start creating your banner in a matter of seconds. It is true that some of the features of Canva require a paid subscription, but even the free feature set makes it worth a try.

Adobe Spark

adobe spark landing page

Coming from the same company that created one of the best image editing software in the world, Adobe Spark is a lightweight web-based banner maker software that allows users to create amazing banners with little to no effort. Spark makes it easy for you to meet all kinds of image size requirements for different social media websites since there are many different presets that Spark can offer for your banners on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

All in all, Adobe Spark is a user-friendly and efficient banner maker that offers many different customization options, such as text fonts, images, objects, etc. The abundance of templates and size presets makes it easy to manage all of your banners for different platforms in one place.


bannereasy landing page

Bannereasy is a surprise hit on the banner maker market since it is a relatively straightforward and simple image editor that was created by a single person. Despite that fact, there are a lot of useful features included completely for free, even outside of the usual set of image design features – templates, social media banner sizes, fonts, colors, and more.

Additionally, it offers a wide library of royalty-free images to use, supports all of the modern banner sizes (from Leaderboard and Large Rectangle to Small Square and Half Banner), offers a multitude of image filters, cloud storage for your designs, and much more than that. landing page takes the concept of “easy to use” to the next level with their landing page alone. You’re starting the design creation process not by choosing the image, but by inputting the heading, subtitle, and call-to-action that you’re planning to use. In a matter of seconds, presents you with a long list of templates – with each template already suited with your heading, subtitle, and call-to-action.

This helps to visualize your future banner and is a great way to see how the same tagline can look with different fonts and backgrounds. Of course, you can also change the position of each element on the template if you need to do so, and there are also several other options for image design, such as image upload, font change, element color change, etc.


befunky landing page

One of the biggest advantages of BeFunky is simplicity – offering you the ability to choose one of their impressive banner templates, and customize it however you like it. You’re free to add text boxes, shapes, filters, color schemes, and more – within BeFunky’s own minimalistic interface.

Additionally, BeFunky is great for promotion in social media, such as Facebook, among others. All of the banner templates are already tuned to provide the biggest results with social media’s targeting systems, offering you the highest level of exposure and recognition in no time.


viewst landing page

Unlike other banner makers, Viewst is focused on the entire ad production operating system. One of its key features is Resize, which allows teams to create several different forms of the same banner – with each one already fit to upload to social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and more.

Viewst has all the features needed to launch a banner campaign. Some examples are adding text, objects, changing colors and borders, and even animating the entire banner. Once finished, Viewst offers a no-code solution to export the ad to ad networks saving time and money from start to finish for teams.


Picking up one specific solution for your banner-making purposes might be tough at first, of course. At the same time, they’re all free, so you can always try each and every one of them – and stop using one or the other if you don’t like it. However, we were sure to pick some of the best competitors in the field, offering a variety of templates, features, and customization options, along with some unique qualities here and there. 

There is one single thing that needs to be remembered here, and it’s the fact that no matter how descriptive and varied a solution might be, it’s still no match to a dedicated image editing software like Photoshop. Most of the less known features of such software are used quite rarely if ever, that is true – however, it’s important to remember the difference between the two types and to adjust your expectations accordingly.

Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst

Victoria is the CEO at Viewst. She is a serial entrepreneur and startup founder. She worked in Investment Banking for 9 years as international funds sales, trader, and portfolio manager. Then she decided to switch to her own startup. In 2017 Victoria founded Profit Button (a new kind of rich media banners), the project has grown to 8 countries on 3 continents in 2 years. In 2019 she founded Viewst startup. The company now has clients from 43 countries, including the USA, Canada, England, France, Brazil, Kenya, Indonesia, etc.

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