Product update: October 16, 2020


Oct 16, 2020

Updated Jan 1, 2022

New features:
  • We have updated the pricing page. Now you are able to learn what features are available in different plans

  • We have updated the payment form

  • Badges have been added to the “new project”, “remove background”, “download” buttons, notifying about the remaining usage limits

New elements:
  • New templates were added to the Choose a template page;

  • New shapes, icons, photos and illustrations were added to the resources panel

  • We have also uploaded new text resources

Improvements and bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug that caused an export error of images 180 degree rotation

  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect work of the disabled dimension ratio

  • Changed the upper and the lower numeric boundaries of the input fields for numeric data

  • Users images are now sorted out by creation date

  • You can use keyboard arrows to move elements

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