Product update: November 12, 2020


Nov 12, 2020

Updated Nov 1, 2022

The biggest update is related to promo codes. We are now able to share discount and promo codes for Viewst prepaid plans. New templates and shapes were added to the stock. Transparency is now available for different elements on the canvas, and you can upload YouTube videos to enrich them.

New features:

  • Promo codes are now available for different auctions and events.

  • We have enabled the transparency feature for all elements in the Design step.

  • We have added new shapes to the resources panel.

  • We have added new templates to the Choose a template page.

Other improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed old templates

  • Improved animation page design

  • Improved the movement of elements on the canvas

  • Improved the color picker for ScratchGame elements on the Other page

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