Product update: November 05, 2020


Nov 5, 2020

Updated Nov 1, 2022

This was a big release! We updated the animation page for greater flexibility, and you can now work with .tiff (.tif) files. As always, we continue to add new templates, SVG shapes, and images. Using OAuth, you can now sign into Viewst with your Google or Facebook account.

The animation page updates:

  • You are now able to add an animation by clicking on the timeline.

  • The order in which you can apply animations has been improved; animations for one element are not layered, but come one after another. This change was also adapted for older creatives.

  • You are now able to see the animation title and its length on the timeline.

  • We have updated the window from which preinstalled animations can be chosen.

  • Animation logos and previews have been updated for better navigation.

  • Time grid-scale control has been improved.

  • We have removed the menu from the right side of the animation bubble; instead you can use this option to delete the animation.

Other improvements and bug fixes:

  • You can upload .tiff (.tif) files and work with them.

  • You can sign up/into Viewst with your Google or Facebook account.

  • We have added new photos and SVG shapes to the resources panel.

  • We have added new templates to the Choose a template page.

  • We have added templates for a new social media format: LinkedIn stories are now available on Viewst.

  • We have added titles to font files on the Favorites page.

  • You can now undo changes to an element’s size via numeric fields.

  • You can once again add pictures by moving the file to the left panel of the design page.

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