Product update: May 25, 2021


May 25, 2021

Updated Nov 1, 2022

The update includes a release of the new killer feature for variable content generation (the ability to add pictures, text, or buttons to the corresponding elements and their exports) and more: fill mode for pictures has been added, as have new figures, the remove background feature has been fixed, corrections and improvements have been made for exporting work, as well as other improvements and edits.


  • Variable content generation that includes the ability to add images, text, or buttons to the corresponding elements; the ability to download with or without options when exporting. There are two types of exports: order or all possible options; export options in mp4/gif have a limit of up to nine downloads inclusive; variants are synchronized with the creatives in the project.

  • Added a fill mode for pictures

  • New shapes added

Improvements and edits:

  • Changes and improvements have been made to the exporting of creatives and projects.

  • An error in the remove-background feature was fixed.

  • The error message text that appears after entering the incorrect password on the Profile page has been fixed.

  • Other minor adjustments and improvements.

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