Product update: March 25, 2021


Mar 25, 2021

Updated Nov 1, 2022

The update included new templates, figures, illustrations, the ability to create teams and collaborative projects, a series of prompts for new users, and multiple improvements and edits to the editor interface, exports, editing of design elements, animation, and others.


  • Added a greeting pop-up after registration;

  • Added onboarding (a series of pop-up tips for new users);

  • Added the possibility to create teams for common projects;

  • Added templates for Video and Floating formats;

  • Added new templates;

  • Added new figures;

  • Added new illustrations;

  • Added a watermark for the Free plan;

  • Added a Demo project for all new users.

Improvements and corrections:

  • There was an error when adding a picture from a photo-sink to a selection; this was fixed;

  • The Extra panel interface has been updated on the design page;

  • Fixed the incorrect size of creatives in mass export to gif/mp4;

  • Fixed shadowing when it is added to a button element;

  • Fixed the display of user fonts applied to texts;

  • Minor changes were made to the interface of the animation panel;

  • Fixed the display of the outline on figures after export;

  • Minor changes to the editor interface (indents etc.);

  • Fixed the bug where text could not be edited on the bottom of the text or

  • Fixed the bug where layer change and element removal could remove several other elements from the project;

  • Fixed the bug that meant substantial waiting for creative export to mp4/gif;

  • An error was fixed in the export of large creations;

  • The presentation of the canvas was improved, it is always visible and cannot be covered with elements;

  • Fixed the lack of visibility of the added HTML block during the creation of a creative (when the element is not selected by frame);

  • Synchronized turns and introduced the reflection of elements in the project;

  • New text-alignment design feature added;

  • Fixed the bug where the user-specified click link was lost on the Settings page;

  • Fixed the bug where the participant’s personal limits were displayed in the command project;

  • Fixed the bug where it was not possible to transfer a picture from the «My» panel to the canvas;

  • A total time limit of 30 seconds has been set for the duration of animations;

  • Other minor adjustments and improvements.

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