Product update: March 20, 2023


Mar 20, 2023

Updated Mar 20, 2023

The update includes integration with Campaign Manager 360 and new capabilities with AI, as well as other fixes and improvements.


  • Added integration with Campaign Manager 360

  • New AI powered tools

    • Improved text generation;

    • Added CTA generation on the Buttons panel;

    • Added the ability to translate texts and CTAs on the element editing panel;

    • Added generation of images from DALL-E 2 on the Images panel -highly recommended for 3D objects generation;

    • Added creative generation on the Extras panel.

Improvements and fixes:

  • Improved integration with Facebook;

  • Added message to the panel if a brandbook is empty;

  • Added confirmation request for a project deletion;

  • Added a message if no images were found when searching through photostocks;

  • Export improvements;

  • Improved an auto-resize feature;

  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

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