Product update: June 18, 2020


Jun 18, 2020

Updated Nov 2, 2022

Massive release featuring updates and bug fixes on animation, design, settings pages as well as export mini service updates and projects page improvements. New dialog boxes were added to allow users to navigate through projects deletion and downloading. We have released a new and improved resources panel, added a filter to stocks of images, released new formats for VKontakte social network and optimized compatibility with Firefox and Safari.

New features

Animation Page

  • animations updates, migration to GreenSock animation library;

  • updated the animation page design ;

Design Page

  • added new dialog box, that notifies users when savings has completed, while getting back to projects page;

  • added new dialog box that appears when you press a ‘save’ button, with notification about the saving progress;

  • added undo/redo options to Canvas size changes;

  • updated the images panel. Added a menu to choose the stock;

  • updated the icon design of ‘change layers’ button;

Projects page

  • added new formats for VKontakte social network;

  • added a dialog box to confirm projects deletion;


  • improved the quality of jpeg-downloaded files

Bug fixes & improvements

Animation Page

  • fixed a bug that caused editing of text blocks on animation page;

  • fixed a bug that prevented movement of animation segment on a timeline;

  • fixed a bug that prevented the change of animation time on a timeline using a mouse in Firefox and Safari browsers;

Design Page

  • fixed a bug  that prevented layers change for several SVG objects;

  • fixed a bug that caused incorrect scale display;

  • fixed a bug that prevented dragging images to the canvas;

Projects page

  • fixed a bug that prevented moving back to formats pop up screen when starting a new project;

  • fixed a bug that caused a false projects duplicating in Safari browser;

  • fixed top panel on the projects page. it will no longer disappear when you scroll;


  • fixed a bug of wizard top panel appearance at sign out step;

  • fixed a bug of canvas display on the settings page

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