Product update: Jun 9, 2022


Jun 9, 2022

Updated Jun 9, 2022

The update includes the ability to transfer creatives from project to project, new templates, as well as some bug fixes and improvements.


Users with the Owner, Admin, and Editor roles can transfer creatives from project to project, except for those where the user has the Viewer role.

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Added new templates;

  • Minor bug fixes in comments for creatives and sizes;

  • Improved updating of information for the sidebar with a list of projects;

  • Admin can now independently change his role to Editor or Viewer. The Admin role can be returned by contacting the Project Owner;

  • Fixed editing errors in the elements of Buttons and Texts;

  • Fixed export optimization bug;

  • Minor fixes and improvements have been made when inviting a user to a project;

  • Fixed the bug with a size animation playing by the user as a Viewer or Guest;

  • Now a page with a comment opens in the current window when using a link in a notification;

  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

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