Product update: July 6, 2020


Apr 6, 2020

Updated Jul 6, 2020

New features

Save your uploaded resources straight to the VIEWST Cloud (that way it won’t disappear during your next sessions, allowing your creatives to open faster, and you to work more productively):

  • Our API can now;

  • return a list of user assets;

  • upload user resources;

  • delete user assets;

  • Display a list of user resources;

  • User assets page-loading

Resource panel

  • Users now get a notification in case of incompatible format (such as tiff or bmp);

  • Modal window with resources at the step ‘replace image’ was added to the design page;

  • Drag and drop functionality has been added to give users the ability to upload assets to the resources panel;

  • Undo image replacement functionality;


  • added localization of animation titles;

  • canvas size changes are now kept in each version’s history;

  • re-designed resources panel;

  • added new tooltips to the inspector component;

  • added a waiting window  to video generating screen to inform a user about the progress;

Bug fixes & improvements

  • fixed a bug that caused a hanging of the active fill type when you added the same type of element to the canvas;

  • fixed a bug that allowed to log in if you add any symbol to the registered email before “@”

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