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Mar 3, 2021

Updated Mar 3, 2021


When it comes to banner standards, it’s obvious that there are a lot of those, both old and new. Some of them were created at the beginning of the internet era, and others are just barely several years old.

That being said, a lot of banner types still work better when put together. One such banner type is 468x60, and it’s our main topic for this post.

The 468x60 banner type is one of the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau, a trade body for online advertising) standard ad units that was retired all the way back in 2011. And yet, it is still used on quite a lot of sites, due to many older guides and recommendations mentioning it as a possible ad size.

Due to this ad size being commonly called a banner and being already retired a decade ago, it’s easy to discern that this was one of the first ad formats within the Internet. This is the main reason why this specific format is still called a banner most of the time, occupying either the top or the bottom of the page, or both at the same time. 

The original placement of 468x60 banner is commonly replaced by the more modern 728x90 leaderboard ad type. Despite the fact that it was much more popular in the early years of the Internet, the rapid growth of both the resolution of monitors made 468x90 banners smaller than they originally were, and thus much less effective.

468x60 banner templates

One of the most important parts of the 468x60 banner’s original success was the placement. Being on top of the web page and taking up a big chunk of space (with older monitors having lower resolution, and thus, less space on the screen overall) is the prime reason for its great performance for so many years. A spiritual successor of sorts that is 728x90 ad type is even more successful thanks to this same placement.

Of course, as with any advertisement type, it’s easier to see a few of the examples of such banners, rather than just reading about them. Below you can see several different templates of 468x60 banner ads.

468x60 banner templates #1

468x60 banner templates #1

468x60 banner templates #2

468x60 banner templates #2

All of the shown above templates could be found on the web-site and in builder of an online tool Viewst, therefore there are lots of other templates as well.

Viewst as a free 468x60 banner creator

Viewst is a comprehensive ads builder with plenty of features. As it stands, the main purpose of Viewst is advertisement creation. This includes many different ads types, with several different templates for more popular banner types, and the ability to input the intended dimensions manually.

Other than that, Viewst also offers a lot of other features, including different text styles, the ability to add images and buttons to your advertisement, and there’s also an animation option, as well. You can see some of the features of Viewst in the example below.

Viewst interface example

Viewst interface example

As you can see, most of the objects can be partially involved as a part of the advertisement, and the existence of a distinctive ads border lets you create your own personal ad exactly the way you want it to be.

Creating a unique banner with Viewst

To make the explanation a bit easier, we’re also going to go over the process of creating a 468x90 banner using Viewst’s online ads builder. 

  1. Clicking either of the “Get started” button at Viewst's landing page would lead you to the builder page.

    1. A thing that is worth remembering is that you’ll have to either sign up or sign in to access the builder page in the first place. 

  2. Next you’ll get to at the “My projects” page. 

This page’s main purpose is project management, including sorting projects, uploading your own projects or creating new ones directly inside the ad builder that is Viewst. 

Click one of your existing projects or the “New project” button to continue the process.

  1. If you choose to create a new project from scratch, you’ll have to choose the ads format as a template for your project. The list of available templates is rather vast, covering different ads types, social media pictures, or even “video overlay” types of ads.

  2. Choosing a 468x90 ad format allows you to start working on a blank page or to use one of the existing templates as a foundation. All of the elements within each template are dynamic and can be changed/deleted at a moment’s notice.

  3. After getting to the builder page, you can make any changes you want, adding or removing objects, text pieces, buttons, animating parts of the ad, changing colors, and so on. 

It’s important to mention that you don’t have to crop your own images manually to fit them into the borders of a specific ads format such as 468x90, since Viewst is automatically cutting out everything that is out of the ads borders as soon as you’re ready to save/download the results of your work.

  1. The final step of the process consists of saving the results of your efforts by clicking the Download button. 

Now, you can either save the whole project to Viewst and come back to it later, or you can download your project in several different file formats – as a HTML5-archive (for code), as a PNG, as a JPEG, as a GIF or as an MP4 video (animation). 

You can also get a direct link to your banner without downloading it, this option is also included in the package.


The ability to crop images for specific social media sites, code embedding, the ability to save in different formats, and more – all of this makes Viewst a versatile and effective ads creator, which can also work with 468x60 banners, and many other ones.

Go to viewst.com and create your 468x60 Banner .

Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst

Victoria is the CEO at Viewst. She is a serial entrepreneur and startup founder. She worked in Investment Banking for 9 years as international funds sales, trader, and portfolio manager. Then she decided to switch to her own startup. In 2017 Victoria founded Profit Button (a new kind of rich media banners), the project has grown to 8 countries on 3 continents in 2 years. In 2019 she founded Viewst startup. The company now has clients from 43 countries, including the USA, Canada, England, France, Brazil, Kenya, Indonesia, etc.

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