Product update: February 15, 2021


Feb 15, 2021

Updated Nov 1, 2022

The update includes new templates, the Pinterest format, optimization of work on the Safari browser, improvements and edits to the editor interface, to the autosave processes, to editing text elements, to canceling user actions, and to clearing the background of pictures, and other fixes.


  • Added new templates

  • Added a new social network format: Pinterest 1000×1500

  • Implemented a more frequent (30 seconds) creative autosave proces

Other improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed and improved working with text elements such as Buttons and Texts (for example, you can wrap the text of specific words and specific characters when changing the size of the text area)

  • Fixed text alignment

  • Optimized editor work on the Safari browser

  • Fixed the animation panel (sidebar fixed)

  • Fixed the bug when canceling actions after opening a new creative

  • When duplicating projects, their previews are now duplicated.

  • Improved and added a “Back” button for some pages

  • Improved the process of undoing text, color, and transparency editing actions. (Now the action is canceled until the palette or text editing mode is opened);

  • Improved the process of clearing the background of pictures and saving the parameters of the cropped picture

  • Adding a new creative to a project, the creative is selected for auto resizing according to the most similar proportions, and not overall dimensions

  • Fixed other bugs

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