Product update: December 4, 2020


Dec 4, 2020

Updated Nov 1, 2022

A big release with a new great feature, multi-format projects, as well as new templates and illustrations and some other improvements as always.


Multi-format projects:

  • A separate page opens where you can add, delete, and edit creatives in various formats when creating a new project.

  • When adding a new creative, auto resize is applied using the most appropriate creative from the existing ones in the project.

  • All creatives within the project are synchronized with each other, i.e. some of the changes (such as adding an element, changing the type and color of the painting) will automatically be applied to the rest of the project’s creatives.

  • Added a display of the number of creatives in the project.

  • The “All formats” button on the top panel of the edited creative pages returns to the project.

  • The price plan includes limits on the number of creatives in projects.

  • Returning to the projects page is done by pushing the logo button.

  • The Projects button has been removed

Other features:

  • The default preview image for projects has been changed.

  • You can now select a custom format size when creating a project or creative.

  • Added new illustrations

  • Added new templates

Other improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved the animation of movement

  • Fixed animation timeline bugs

  • Improved autosave

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