Product update: December 30, 2020


Mar 20, 2020

Updated Nov 1, 2022

A big update that implemented multi-selection while creating new pics in a project and allowing an entire project to be exported. There are other improvements such as the ability to choose the required advertising system and as always new fonts, illustrations, shapes, templates, and other improvements and edits.


  • Multi-choice when creating new pics in a project;

  • Added new fonts with a preview as well as the ability to search for them by name.

  • Added the ability to select a custom format with an indication of the size.

  • Added the ability to export all project creatives. To switch to exporting the entire project, go to the export page of any creative in the project and click on the word “this”.

  • Added the ability to select the required advertising system when setting up a creative with the required settings.

  • Added new templates

  • Added new illustrations

  • Added new figures

Other improvements and bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug on the settings page

  • Improved the export process

  • Improved the synchronization of creatives in the project

  • Fixed the preview of the downloaded backup

  • Fixed the bug that occurred when opening a project

  • Improved the import of tiff and figma files

  • Other small fixes and improvements

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