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Aug 27, 2022

Updated Feb 27, 2022

Online advertisement as a whole has been a massively successful market for a lot of different industries, both popular and niche. There might be some problems with it here and there, but the overall outlook on the perspective of online marketing is rather positive. This even includes some of the more complicated industries, such as the wine industry.

The alcohol industry is widely known as one of the most regulated industries in terms of marketing (another popular example is the tobacco industry). Despite all of that, alcohol marketing, and wine promotion specifically, are still present on the Internet in several different forms, such as banners, social media activity, and many others.

However, quite a lot of different wine companies are rather old-fashioned and rigid when it comes to promoting themselves online, which is where wine tasting comes in. Wine tasting includes a variety of events that are centered around the wine itself, with the subsequent promotion of that wine. And, of course, these events have to be promoted properly to work in the first place.

This includes some of the most basic forms of Internet promotion, such as online ads. In this article we are going to provide a number of examples of different wine ads, focused more on the wine tasting event. Since this is still a rather heavily regulated field, promoting events is far easier than promoting the act of selling alcohol in the first place, since the promotion itself would have to act in accordance to the local laws – and Google acknowledges that. You can learn more about Google’s advertising policies in terms of alcohol here.

To make the overall topic easier to read, we have separated these ads into groups based on their title or their general intent, so that we can have multiple examples of how one idea can be implemented.

Wine tasting

The first group of ads is going to be as direct as it gets – with the main title “Wine tasting” in multiple different forms. Our first two examples use the combination of a wine glass, a large title card and either a call-to-action or additional information about the wine tasting event, such as the time frame for when it begins. 

creative wine ad example #1

creative wine ad example #2

We can also go for something a bit more unconventional here, with less emphasis on a fixed banner structure and more room for creativity. Our first example below uses a mostly plain background to put more emphasis on the wine color, which is the main point of this banner. Since wine is often associated with the color red, it is easy to understand what this banner is promoting, and all that’s left to do here is to insert a bit more information about the topic itself – such as the “Wine tasting” title.

creative wine ad example #3

The next creative ad example also uses unconventional methods to attract attention, focusing a lot of emphasis on the imagery. The banner itself is almost completely black, and the only two shapes within the image are the wine glass and the wine bottle, creating an obvious analogy for potential customers. Both of these items can also be technically attributed to other types of alcohol, which is why there is also a title at the edge of a banner that says “Wine tasting”.

creative wine ad example #4

Wine night

Of course, wine tasting events can also have different name variations, which is how we have another banner group that is slightly different from the first one. This particular group puts more emphasis on the title “Wine night”, which is a common alternative name for a wine tasting event. These two banners also have their own special ways of making the message unique and attractive. The first one uses the sub-title “tasting party” in a nice font, and the overall color palette gives the feeling of a prestigious event as a whole.

creative wine ad example #5

The alternative to the banner above would be another example with the “Wine night” title. This banner is going for a more classic feeling as a whole, with a muted color palette and an image of a woman holding a glass of wine. The additional information in the form of a starting date for the event is also useful for anyone who is interested.

creative wine ad example #6

Wine collection

One of the more prominent features of a wine company that can also be used for marketing purposes is the assortment of different wine tastes that they can offer. In this context, it only makes sense that a “Wine collection” is one of the biggest groups in this article, covering multiple different ads that use this particular trait of a company as the selling point. Our first example here also uses a previously mentioned muted color palette, with different shades of gray being used for most of the image. The wine glass is the centerpiece of a banner, and the only information that is needed here is a short title and a brand logo.

creative wine ad example #7

Any kind of event like this also has a rather large social part to it, which is what this particular banner puts emphasis on. In this example, the centerpiece of a banner is not a single glass of wine, but rather two glasses and two people holding them, saluting each other. The rest of the ad is rather standard, with a title and a Call-to-action included – but this particular twist on what is marketed for a wine tasting event might be the deciding factor for some of the potential customers.

creative wine ad example #8

Going back to a combination of red and black that is often used for many reasons, including wine promotion – this particular example uses several elements of different banners that we’ve previously discussed – a stylish title card, a black background, and a glass with red wine as the centerpiece of the advertisement.

creative wine ad example #9

We can also try and change things up a bit, such as the title itself – this banner is as completely different from the previous one as it gets, with a bright color palette and “Exclusive wine collection” as the title card. The background itself is picked up in a very clever way to resemble the color of the flowers that are included in the background image, creating a better banner as a whole.

creative wine ad example #10

Wine party

Wine tasting events do not have to be strictly at night, either. This is why “wine night” is not the only popular name for all kinds of wine tasting events. “Wine party” is also relatively popular, and both of these examples act as the antithesis of the entire “wine night” idea – with a saturated color palette, brightly lit images and the overwhelming usage of lighter colors such as white and blue to represent the nature of the event itself. These ads can also include additional information on the topic, such as the starting date or the starting time, as you can see in both of the examples below.

creative wine ad example #11

creative wine ad example #12

Wine tasting & pairing

Wine tasting is not the only form of a wine-related activity that can be used for various purposes, including advertisement. Wine pairing is also a well-known activity (often referred to as “wine and food matching”) that revolves around finding combinations of food and wine that provide a specific experience to the client. These two banners are about this exact activity, with “Wine tasting & pairing” as the title, with both background images using both food and wine as important parts of the picture. There’s also quite a lot of emphasis on the information that the banner itself delivers, such as the title in a large font, and either a Call-to-action button or a few more lines of information about the event (location, date, etc.).

creative wine ad example #13

creative wine ad example #14

Other examples

As we have mentioned before, alcohol advertisement as a whole is a rather tricky topic to begin with. We’ve mentioned quite a lot of different banner examples above. There is also a slightly different approach to promoting as a whole – being somewhat more abstract. As you can see, this banner’s title is “Opening Bar”, with no mention of wine anywhere. Granted, this one is slightly different from our other examples, since it is a promotion of an actual bar, and not an event of sorts – and yet, this kind of uncertainty in terms of the expected products might be exactly what you need in terms of promotion for a newly opened bar of some sort.

creative wine ad example #15


Wine promotion as a whole is a topic that can have a nearly limitless number of marketing methods, despite how much this entire industry is regulated already. With enough creativity it is fairly easy to figure out a specific banner type or composition that fits your case the most. We hope that this list of different examples helped you on this journey.

Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst

Victoria is the CEO at Viewst. She is a serial entrepreneur and startup founder. She worked in Investment Banking for 9 years as international funds sales, trader, and portfolio manager. Then she decided to switch to her own startup. In 2017 Victoria founded Profit Button (a new kind of rich media banners), the project has grown to 8 countries on 3 continents in 2 years. In 2019 she founded Viewst startup. The company now has clients from 43 countries, including the USA, Canada, England, France, Brazil, Kenya, Indonesia, etc.

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