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May 27, 2022

Updated May 27, 2022

Advertisement, including its digital part, is far from being an easy task, but some industries have even more issues than others when it comes to promoting something. SPA industry is one such example, and we attempt to provide an assortment of creative ad examples to showcase what can work in this advertising context.

Wellness, in general, seems to be a massively popular topic in recent years, with all kinds of wellness trends appearing on a regular basis. In this context, all of the industries that are related to wellness in some way have to constantly evolve and adapt to the new rules, figuring out all kinds of ways to expand their reach and attract new customers.

The spa industry is also in a similar situation, having to constantly adapt to new trends and look for new promotion methods to reach more customers. Generally speaking, a spa is a location that uses a type of water that is rich with minerals to provide all kinds of medicinal baths. The spa industry as a whole is often represented by various spa resorts or even spa towns located near natural sources of mineral waters.

The very idea of mineral waters providing an assortment of health benefits is extremely old, dating back as far as prehistoric times, and is now popular all over the world, with some of the most popular locations in terms of spa services being Japan and a variety of European countries. Other types of spa services also include medspas and day spas, both of which have their own sets of possible services.

Spa services can be either hyperfocused on a specific treatment type or provide a range of different services within the same area of operation – and yet, their promotion methods would be the same.

Unfortunately, the spa industry is also rather well-known for having a number of problems when it comes to promotion, mainly because it is difficult for them to acquire customers in the first place. As such, players within the spa industry have to work with practically everything they can in terms of promotion to achieve satisfying results.

However, trying out different advertising methods, including digital ones, does not mean that you should skip out on some of the more classic advertisements, such as banners all over the Internet. With enough creativity, even this “mundane” advertisement method could prove rather effective in terms of attracting attention and new customers.

It is rather difficult to provide a definitive guide on something that is closely tied to creativity, like advertisements, which is why we have multiple examples of creative spa ads to go over and explain why each and every one of them works. These examples are going to be split into groups depending on their common theme or some other criteria for a better overall experience.

It’s time to relax

Our first group revolves around the idea of relaxation, with “It’s time to relax!” being the title and the main idea behind both of the banners. Since one of the main goals of spa resorts as a whole is relaxation, it is a very fitting theme for banner ads. The first example is putting a lot of emphasis on the atmosphere of relaxation, with a darker background, a mood candle, a sea salt for the bath, and more. The second example, on the other hand, explores a more bright and colorful theme, with an assortment of items that could be associated with relaxation and refreshment such as a lemon, a sea salt, a bath towel, and so on.

creative spa ad example #1

creative spa ad example #2

Beauty & SPA

Spa services are also often mentioned in the context of beauty in general, which is the main reason this ad group exists. Both of these examples are nearly identical in their intent, despite the striking difference in terms of actual visuals. These banners put more emphasis on how spa resorts are supposed to act as getaways from your daily life, with the first banner using an abstract image of nature as a background, and the second banner using an actual image of a spa resort in the mountains with a great view to further solidify the “get away from the routine” message.

The best care for your skin

The spa industry and the skincare industry are extremely similar in many ways and tend to intertwine quite a lot. In this case, we see two different banners with the same title that is “The best care for your skin”. In these examples, we see that the first banner’s background uses an assortment of flowers with a white background to symbolize the softness of a skin after performing the skincare procedure in question. At the same time, the second ad uses a more direct approach and showcases one of the skin care tools in the cleanest way possible to make the entire procedure more attractive and interesting.

Skin care

An alternative look at the skin care as a field of work in the context of spa resorts would be the promotion of the skincare products themselves, which is what this group of ads represents. Both of these are relatively similar, using the same background color that represents the skin color, as well as putting the actual product as the centerpiece of a banner. Both examples also have a short explanation of the product in question attached, as well as the placeholder for a brand logo for the sake of brand consistency. This composition of a banner is great when it comes to promoting a specific product or a line of products, but it might not be the best when it comes to advertising services such as spa.

creative spa ad example #7

alt: creative spa ad example #7

creative spa ad example #8

Cosmetics and cosmetology

On the topic of skin care products specifically, we can also showcase some examples of the cosmetics ads, such as these two examples. Here you can see that the first banner uses a plant as a background as the symbol of nature, with the similar title and slogan, as well as the call-to-action button. The second banner, on the other hand, is more abstract and uses a combination of a person in the middle of the skin care routine holding up an avocado as the symbol of these products and services being natural. It is also easy to see how both examples use several variations of the color green which is often addressed as the color of nature.

creative spa ad example #9

creative spa ad example #10

Anti-stress therapy

It is critically important for any person to relieve their stress in some way, with a spa resort being one of many possible options. These two examples follow the same idea, with a slightly different implementation. The first one has a somewhat classic advertisement structure, with a title, a few lines of additional information, and a self-descriptive background. The second example, however, is slightly different – using a background with a set of items suitable for spa and relaxation procedures, and implementing a longer title with no additional text on the image whatsoever. Both of these cases can be used in different situations, but they are also equally effective when it comes to sending a message to the potential clients.

creative spa ad example #11creative spa ad example #12

There is also another banner example here, working as a combination of the two previous groups and being a bit more abstract in what it can provide. Despite all of that, it also has a fair bit of text to it, including both a relatively long title, a subsection for additional information, and even a call-to-action button. This example is good at showing how it is important to balance out the amount of text on a banner before it becomes too much for a regular user.

creative spa ad example #13

Other examples

There are two more examples here that did not fit into any of the previous groups, with the first one being a straight-up pool advertisement, which can be a service that a spa resort can provide. It is a very telling banner, with the entire background being an image of water, and the title message being short and to the point.

creative spa ad example #14

The second example here also uses a relatively abstract message for the entire banner, without directly promoting something. It uses a self-care message as its main title in the text form, the entire banner is stylized in bright yellow color that represents wellness, and even the background image itself has a number of items with a similar color palette – several slices of orange, a drink, a flower, and so on.

creative spa ad example #15


When it comes to creative examples for pretty much any advertisement branch, the number of examples would be limitless, making it rather complicated to understand what works and what isn’t. We hope that this assortment of examples was useful in determining what tactic is better when it comes to creative spa ads.

Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst

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