15 Creative Loan Ads Examples


May 23, 2022

Updated May 23, 2022

The financial sector is a rather complicated place when it comes to marketing, since there are many people who have trust issues with banks and other financial organizations – making a task such as a loan advertisement much more complicated than in most other markets. This article goes over multiple examples of creative loan ads and how they work.


Quite a lot of advertisement techniques rely on building trust in the specific product or service, with the relatively straightforward conclusion that people tend to interact more with brands and products that they trust. The same applies to digital marketing, too, and not just to the original advertisement methods. 

However, if we have to segregate one single market that is even more reliant on trust than any other, it would be the financial area – loan ads, for example. For these ads, one of the main talking points would be the interest rates more than anything else – as well as the level of service that the customer can find more than acceptable.

Financial ads are completely useless if they are unable to convince customers that the brand in question should be trusted because there is a massive number of people that do not trust banks with their money, let alone other financial organizations.

Creative loan ads examples

Both this particular issue, and many other ones lead to the digital financial advertisement being a massive headache for a lot of people, because there is little to no room for error, and it is pretty much necessary to get every aspect of your ad correctly to successfully attract customers to your service.

There are also multiple different strategies that could be used as the means of increasing the effectiveness of promotional campaigns, such as better UI/UX for the website, a mobile-optimized version of your website, creative social media posts, and so on. However, this article is more about loan ads themselves, improving conversion from prospects to paid customers is an entirely different topic.

Of course, you can always go by the basic digital banner formula, creating a generic banner with a title, a slogan and a CTA button – but there are so many nuances that you can miss that are exclusive to the financial industry that we have to provide examples of banner ads to try and explain why it is so difficult. 

Here, we are going to go over several groups of creative loan ad examples, with each group targeting a specific theme or using a specific method.

Credit card security

Security is a rather common talking point when it comes to financial operations as a whole, and this batch of loan ads is no different. These two banners use the same combination of elements to attract a client’s attention – a short-but-descriptive title and correlating imagery in the background. 

You can see that the second banner uses a more direct representation of security by using an image of a padlock, while the first banner goes for a more indirect approach and takes an image of several different credit cards to put more emphasis on the importance of security, no matter what bank or other service you’re using.

creative loan ad example #1

creative loan ad example #2

Credit score

A person’s credit score is another well-known association with finances, loans and credit cards. In this case, there is a bit less emphasis on the visual imagery, since visualizing a credit score is a lot harder than something like credit cards. 

As such, the first banner here works using a classic combination of a title, a call-to-action, and a background that vaguely corresponds with the original banner message. The second banner, on the other hand, does not use the CTA button, but uses a bit more unusual background image instead – an image of multiple coins is that much more common for the overall finance theme, so the first impression of any user should be rather clear.

creative loan ad example #3

creative loan ad example #4

Your best credit card

A credit card might be the most common association for people when it comes to the finances – aside from the physical money, of course. From that perspective, it makes sense to create ads around the theme of “Your best credit card”, with the background images resembling the most common use cases for credit cards in general – being used with a credit card holder, using credit cards to pay for a product or service in general, and so on. Both of the examples also use a light color palette to bring a more positive atmosphere to the whole act of spending your finances (and taking loans, in this context).

creative loan ad example #5

creative loan ad example #6

Online banking

Online banking is a fairly new addition to the finance market, and yet it quickly became one of the industry’s standards in many places. Online banking promotion in these ads uses background images that have the biggest associations with what online banking stands for – easy money management (the first example) and a wealth of operations that could be done remotely from your home (the second example). Both examples also use CTAs, but with different goals in mind – the first one acts more as an explanation, while the second one is about more direct interaction with the service that is logging in.

creative loan ad example #7

creative loan ad example #8

All-purpose and targeted loans

As for the loans themselves, our examples here could be split into two groups – loans for a specific purpose and all-purpose loans. The former ones are far easier to promote, while the latter ones are somewhat more abstract and require a bit more thought put into them.

A home loan and a car business loan are two of many examples of how loans can be promoted using a very specific combination of a title and a background image. In this case, a “home loan” offer showcases an actual house as the centerpiece of the banner, and the car business loan is using an image of an expensive car as a representation.

creative loan ad example #9

creative loan ad example #10

There are also loans that are not targeted for a specific purpose, which creates an example below with a “personal loan for any purpose”. You can see here that it is hard to find a specific image for such a broad definition of what the loan in question can be used for, so the image that was used is mostly complementary to the goal of the banner – a woman holding a coin as the representation of a person having a loan for “themselves”, with no specific purpose behind it.

creative loan ad example #11

Finances and brand consistency

As any other target of digital brand marketing, the finance market is not exempt from one of the more commonly known pieces of advice when it comes to brands, in general – and that is brand consistency. Brand consistency is the process of using a combination of the same elements that represent your brand in different marketing materials to try and create an association between these elements and your brand in the heads of your potential clientele.

In these three examples, we can easily see which elements are used as an association with the brand itself – a placeholder part of the image to put a logo of your brand, simplistic transparent imagery with no additional colors to accompany the title of a banner, and a single-color background at the back of it all. Examples two and three also have an identical slogan at the bottom part of the image, adding another part to your future brand identity.

creative loan ad example #12creative loan ad example #13

creative loan ad example #14

Bank promotion

This one might be the most straightforward out of all our examples – a bank promotion. It does look more like a business card than anything, but it also has all of the necessary information that you might be interested in while looking for a bank – a title of a bank, its slogan, an official website, a phone number, and even a work schedule. All of that is accompanied by an image of a friendly-looking person dressed up as a bank worker to make the bank’s image more friendly and welcoming.

creative loan ad example #15


The number of ways that can be used to attract user’s attention and earn their trust is practically limitless, but the same can also be said for the number of errors that can ruin the entire banner. These examples should act as a baseline for what a creative loan ad can be – and we tried to explain why each and every one of them works in the first place.

Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst

Victoria is the CEO at Viewst. She is a serial entrepreneur and startup founder. She worked in Investment Banking for 9 years as international funds sales, trader, and portfolio manager. Then she decided to switch to her own startup. In 2017 Victoria founded Profit Button (a new kind of rich media banners), the project has grown to 8 countries on 3 continents in 2 years. In 2019 she founded Viewst startup. The company now has clients from 43 countries, including the USA, Canada, England, France, Brazil, Kenya, Indonesia, etc.

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