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May 4, 2022

Updated May 4, 2022


While it is true that the healthcare industry as a whole has been rather slow when it comes to adapting to the newer standards of the marketing (digital marketing is a great example of that), the sheer number of possible promotion options that can be used for healthcare digital marketing is simply staggering. Combined with how creative a lot of the medical establishments tend to get – and you can see how healthcare as an industry grows by leaps and bounds with every year.

In the context of the healthcare industry, digital marketing is an act of promoting a specific content type that is tied to the industry, be it helpful content, service promotion, raising awareness, charity, and more. As with any other type of digital marketing, the healthcare industry can choose between free and paid methods – free methods are examples such as social media posts, videos and blogging, while paid methods take advantage of one or several marketing platforms to promote a specific content (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.).

Healthcare banner examples

However, it is rather problematic to figure out a definitive guide to create a perfect banner ad, since there are many different circumstances and other factors that can drastically change both the message and the visual style of the banner in question. As such, it would be far easier to go over multiple different examples of healthcare ads and show why exactly each and every one of them works so well.

Dental care

Healthcare is a massive industry with multiple different branches and specializations – one such specialization is dental care, which is represented by advertisements #1 and #2. In both of these cases, you can see a rather standard composition of the banner as a whole – a solid-color background with minimal shapes, a combination of a banner title and a slogan/CTA in one half of the image, and an image of a toothbrush/a doctor in the other half. 

All of these elements are here to highlight the simplicity of the dental care process, with the slogan outright saying that you can consult a doctor online if you are bothered by a problem in this area.

healthcare ad example #1

healthcare ad example #2

We also have an alternative look at the dental care banner theme with the example #3. This one takes a slightly different approach to the promotion, with the centerpiece of the banner being a composition of multiple arms holding various dental care accessories. The title of the banner is also the only part of text that exists on this picture, adding to the simplicity and not drawing away the attention from an unusual centerpiece of the ad.

healthcare ad example #3

Family health plan

Healthcare is not exclusive to a single person, either – there are many examples of family health plans being a popular service all over the world. Example #4 uses multiple different methods to explain the promoted service – a large title in bold letters is the first method, and an array of different healthcare-related items in the background is the second one (such as a stethoscope, some pills, a model of a heart, a cardiogram, etc.). The combination of these elements makes little to no doubt on what this particular banner is promoting in the first place.

alt: healthcare ad example #4

We also have a few classic examples in this same category – both banner examples #5 and #6 are performed using the same structure, with a large healthcare-related image being a centerpiece of the banner in question, and the combination of a title and a slogan explaining the nature of the service that is promoted. Both banners are created with warm, friendly colors, and there is also a CTA (Call-to-Action) included in example #5 for an additional sense of urgency.

healthcare ad example #5

healthcare ad example #6

Mental health

Mental health has gotten much more attention in recent years, which is why it is no surprise that even mental health support groups have their own promotions and advertisements. In this particular example, we have two different cases – example #7 and example #8. 

Example #7 uses a rather unusual color palette and a set of large, bold letters in combination with an image of a woman to make its promotional message as clear as possible. Example #8, on the other hand, uses a rather different structure – a centerpiece image only takes up half of the screen and shows a group of people embracing each other, and there is also a title, a slogan and a call-to-action that are placed on the other half of the image. 

Both of these examples use different ideas when it comes to promoting mental health support groups – while example #7 represents the loneliness of the person in question and a mental health support group as the means of escaping that, example #8 showcases a possible end result of a group of people supporting each other as the means of motivating people to join this mental health support group.

healthcare ad example #7

healthcare ad example #8

Skincare routine

Skincare and cosmetology can also be considered healthcare, which is why we have this particular category here. Example #9 is a showcase of cosmetologist services, with a centerpiece of the image being a person with a skincare product applied to her face, combined with an image of an avocado to symbolize the “nature” aspect of the skincare products as a whole. A green background reinforces that sense of “nature”, and the combination of a title and a slogan makes no room for doubt when it comes to figuring out the purpose of this promotion.

healthcare ad example #9

Skincare is also not just the services of a specialist, but also the products themselves – both examples #10 and #11 are here to prove that. Both of these examples favor beige as the main background color to symbolize skin color, both have examples of skincare products as the centerpiece of an image. Additionally, they both use the same text structure, with a brand name being placed above all, followed by the title and the slogan immediately after it.

healthcare ad example #10

General medical assistance

There are also other examples of healthcare ads that focus more on spreading a general message about health being a vital part of anyone’s life – and promoting their own services, too. Example #12 is a showcase of a general-purpose healthcare banner, with a relatively short title, a mostly green background with “cross” images, as well as the picture of a friendly doctor. All of this is made to deliver a single message – this particular company values its clients and their health above anything else.

healthcare ad example #12

Another example of a general-purpose healthcare banner can be seen below, as example #13. This time it uses an image of various pills to symbolize medicine as a whole and puts a combination of a title, a slogan and a call-to-action onto a light-blue background to ensure the potential clients that the medicine is as harmless and approachable as it gets.

healthcare ad example #13

Other examples

Here, we have our two last examples of healthcare banners that did not fit into any other segment – both of these are focused on a specific illness or service type. Example #14 is the promotion for a specialization called ophthalmologist – a type of healthcare that focuses on your eyes. 

In this particular example, you can see a clear symbolism in at least two parts of the ad in question – the background of the title is a simplified drawing of an eye, and an accompanying image is a person holding a pair of glasses. Both the title and the slogan of the banner ad are also focused on delivering the promotional message as clearly as possible.

healthcare ad example #14

Raising awareness is also an important part of healthcare digital advertising, and example #15 works as a great banner ad in this regard. It is an awareness ad about world diabetes day (as the title says), it is done using the red background to symbolize the nature of this disease, and the incomplete wall of sugar cubes is another symbolic message that attracts the viewer’s attention. The remaining elements of this banner are the date of the world diabetes day, as well as the call-to-action button urging people to learn more about the topic in question.

healthcare ad example #15


These are just some examples of healthcare advertisements, there are many other unique ones – and there are also many different fields that can have their own way of promoting products or attracting attention to the topic. Healthcare is an incredibly important topic for each and every one of us, which is why it is important for the healthcare industry to also be up-to-date when it comes to various promotional methods and strategies.

Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst

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