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Jan 10, 2023

Updated Jan 10, 2023

The beauty industry as a whole always tries to one-up itself, looking for better and more creative ways of advertising and marketing. This includes both using brand-new marketing methods and trying to evolve the existing ones – even something as simple as online banner advertisement. However, most processes like this always require a lot of dedication and inspiration to create something unique, which may be problematic for some people. This article showcases a variety of different hair salon ads as a means of inspiring people that create new and unique beauty advertisements.

Introduction to hair salon advertising

Online advertisement as a whole can seem like a relatively simple form of marketing when compared with more traditional advertising forms. However, this form of marketing is extremely deceptive, especially when marketing itself is performed in specific fields of work.

The beauty industry as a whole is one such field. Commercial advertisement as a whole is now often seen as deceptive, rather than helpful, due to a large number of scams and misleading advertisements all over the world. At the same time, the beauty industry never stops growing, with something like hair salons appearing on a regular basis, creating even more competition within the same field.

As such, it is safe to say that it is relatively difficult to create a unique and effective hair salon banner in the modern world, for a number of reasons. Some hair salon owners simply do not have the time to improve upon their marketing efforts, and others try and spend a lot of money on stereotypical advertisements that are failing to attract new customers at all.

A large part of why these efforts fail is the lack of creativity during the banner creation process as a whole. It is also something that is hard to solve with a step-by-step guide of sorts. However, that’s not to say that it is impossible. For example, we can try to showcase a number of different creative hair salon ads examples in an attempt to boost someone else’s creativity in the same field.

Creative hair salon ads examples

In fact, this is what exactly this article is all about – showcasing creative hair salon ads examples. All of these ads were specifically made from one of several different Facebook banner sizes – and that is exactly how we are going to be separating them into groups for a better viewing experience.

Instant Experience 1080x1920 pixels Facebook hair salon ad examples

1080x1920  Facebook hair salon ad example #1

Starting off the category of Instant Experience ads – ads tailored specifically for mobile view users – we have an ad that is rather uncommon for this market. Using a living person as a centerpiece of your promotion seems like a rather obvious tactic when it comes to the beauty industry as a whole, but this banner uses a combination of easily recognizable symbols to showcase its basic message. The leaves in the upper part of the picture represent beauty and health as a whole, and all the hair dryers in the background make it obvious that this specific ad is not about beauty as an industry, but about the “hair” part of it, specifically.

1080x1920  Facebook hair salon ad example #2

The second example is a lot closer to what you’d expect a regular hair salon ad to look like, even though this one also has its own little details that add more character. The centerpiece is a desaturated image of a woman’s hair – which should be obvious since this is a hair salon ad – but there are also a few objects in the frame that are placed closer to the edges of the screen but still manage to draw attention to themselves. The title here is short and to the point, promising to meet any of the customer’s expectations when it comes to hair salon services.

1080x1920  Facebook hair salon ad example #3

This particular advertisement uses another unusual take on the same theme of a hair salon – using a person’s hair as a centerpiece, but the hair in question is showcased as if it is in the middle of the makeup process, and not after it. The image itself is also not particularly large, which is why there are several other tactics employed for the sake of attracting more attention to itself – a title in a very big font that is easy to see, a yellow CTA button at the bottom of the screen, and even a discount promise between all of that.

1080x1920  Facebook hair salon ad example #4

Being one of the more straightforward examples in this group, this ad uses a person with beautiful hair as a centerpiece of the banner. This time there is no color correction, no camera angle manipulation, and nothing else – just a single person. The rest of the banner is rather simplistic, using a one-note bright background with red letters for the title card while also using the same shade of red to create a small plant branch of sorts that barely intrudes upon the aforementioned centerpiece image.

1080x1920  Facebook hair salon ad example #5

Another great way to draw attention to your banner ad is to use some sort of creative application for your title card font. This particular banner does exactly that, creating a font with an unusual effect that draws attention to itself. The rest of the banner includes an image of a person’s hair with a grey-colored filter applied to it, and the CTA button is see-through this time around, which is why it may not be as evident as in other examples.

Facebook 1080x1080 pixels hair salon ad examples

1080x1080 Facebook hair salon ad example #1

Our second group of hair salon ads covers all of the square-shaped examples, and there is a reason why we cannot say a specific banner name for this category – because there are several Facebook ad types that have this same shape. There are Feed Images, Carousel Images, and so on. This specific banner is using a rather vague title card with a person looking away from the camera, offering an inspiring take on a hair salon business, with a large emphasis on the title card that is placed in the middle of the screen.

1080x1080 Facebook hair salon ad example #2

The next example on the list is another showcase of how an ad can be effective in this market without relying on the imagery of an actual hair as a centerpiece of a banner. This one focuses a lot on special tools that are typically used in a hair salon (barber shop) – including hair clippers, different nozzles for them, and so on. The usage of a mirror in the middle of this background image creates an interesting twist on the regular nice showcase of industry-specific tools, and the title itself is combined with a semi-transparent rectangular shape that also adds a lot more character to the image as a whole.

1080x1080 Facebook hair salon ad example #3

The background image is not the only element of an ad that can be drastically modified in this context. The banner in question uses a nice-looking image of a woman and her hair, combined with a black-and-blue background palette, but there is also an unusual-looking title card that is placed vertically, and not horizontally. This kind of approach to title placement is one of the many ways to attract the attention of a website visitor or to make your banner look more special and unique than others.

1080x1080 Facebook hair salon ad example #4

The last participant of this group is a bit more straightforward with its marketing attempts, with the biggest takeaway being the title that claims to have “only the best in the salon”. Using this kind of wording in your promotional materials can be a double-edged sword since it can attract more people that are looking for a higher-quality service, but it also puts your company on a much higher level of expectations, which you may find difficult to meet in the first place. The rest of this banner is a bit less special, using a combination of hair salon-specific items and generally nice imagery for the sake of the atmosphere.

Facebook Event Cover Photo 1920x1005 pixels

1920x1005 Facebook hair salon ad example #1

The third group of hair salon examples covers event banners – large images that are used to showcase specific events or limited promotions. These banners often follow the same logic that works for other ad types, with a multitude of different variations and approaches to the same topic. This one uses an image of a woman with gorgeous hair as a centerpiece of the image, and there is also almost zero information on this banner. The only part of the banner that has some text is where the title is located, and even that is just three words short. This kind of minimalistic approach to promotion is a great way to promote yourself to a very specific audience that likes this approach in their beauty preferences.

1920x1005 Facebook hair salon ad example #2

Another good example of how a very simple idea for a banner can be turned into a very attractive advertisement. The centerpiece of this image is also a person’s hair – it also takes the biggest part of the entire ad, making it very hard to miss in the first place. At the same time, there is also a title that is located vertically near the left edge of the screen, and nothing else. This is why the image itself is so effective as promotional material – there is nothing else to focus on besides the hair or the title card.

1920x1005 Facebook hair salon ad example #3

A hair salon has a variety of very specific tools that it may use in one of its services. Showcasing multiple items like these is a relatively easy way to create an association in the viewers’ heads between the tool and the service – if these tools are used as a centerpiece of the image. However, this particular example uses hair salon tools as secondary, since the title card of the banner is placed directly above these tools. The title card itself also uses the word “professional” in its sub-title part, which may also be something that specific viewers are looking for in their hair salon services.

1920x1005 Facebook hair salon ad example #4

Another important lesson here is that there is no need to only have one centerpiece for an advertisement, even though a single centerpiece may be more effective most of the time. However, this example above is a showcase of how two different parts of the image may be equally impressive from the visual standpoint – one part showcases a person with luxurious hair that draws attention to itself, while the other is a short title card performed in a very unusual font that also tries to draw attention to itself. That way, at least one part of the image can attract a viewer’s attention – although this approach also has its own issues to deal with.

1920x1005 Facebook hair salon ad example #5

Last, but not least image in this group uses a single part of itself as an advertisement centerpiece, while also reinforcing it in a multitude of different ways. First of all, the centerpiece is the image of a person with a majestic-looking curly hair, and this curliness is what the title card also puts a lot of emphasis on – even though the title itself is very short, it is only used to draw even more attention to the image in question. There is also a CTA button that exists within the image, but it is not focused upon until the user that sees this ad decides if they are interested or not.

Facebook Group Cover Photo 1640x856 pixels

1640x856 Facebook hair salon ad example

The very last creative hair salon ad example on this list has its own category – since it has a different combination of dimensions that is more suitable for Facebook group cover photos. This category of ads is not as aggressively marketable as some of the other image groups, but it can still draw in a lot of people if done correctly. This particular image does everything correctly, luckily enough, having both a rather large image of what the service is about (“show, don’t tell”), while also having a short, but direct title card on a contrasting background. The sub-title of this ad also puts itself on a bit of a higher level of expectations, though, so the service has to be up to the potential challenge.


Just like there are countless ways to make someone look beautiful – there are a plethora of different ways to create a unique and creative hair salon ad. It is our hope that this selection of hair salon banners could act as an inspiration for people that want to create unique hair salon ads themselves. We have managed to showcase banners in four different shapes, ranging from small squares to large rectangles, no matter if they are fit just for the mobile version of Facebook or can scale for any possible version of this social media website.

Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst

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