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Jul 11, 2022

Updated Jul 11, 2022

There are many industries and companies out there that can benefit greatly from marketing investments in multiple different forms of promotion, from small to grandiose. While some of the more expressive marketing methods might be more effective, it does not mean that something as relatively simple as banner advertisement is not effective at all. This article goes over multiple different forms of creative dental ad, with the addition of examples and explanations.

Examples of Effective Dental Advertisements

In a lot of ways, dental practice works the same as most of the industries out there, with the product or service being the main cornerstone of success. The higher the quality of the dental service – the better. At the same time, an incredibly effective dental practice would never be at its most popular without a proper marketing strategy in place.

Advertisements for dental practice can be created in many different forms, including commercials, business cards, billboards, print ads, etc. At the same time, social media and word of mouth can also be used with the same result, if not better. With this many different options available for marketing purposes, it is always important to remember about spreading out your efforts and working with multiple different ways of promotion, including even something as relatively simple as banner ads online.

However, an average person gets exposed to several thousands of different ads in a span of a single day – this is why standing out is extremely important in this context. An advertisement that stands out and is creative would be far more likely to attract new customers and expand your dental practice’s clientele.

In this article we would go over fifteen different examples of creative dental ads, providing reasoning on why each of these ads works as intended. Some of these ads are going to be split in groups for easier segregation between different advertising messages.

Your health is our priority

The first group of dental ads uses a rather telling slogan of “Your health is our priority”, using a variety of signals to reinforce the original message behind this banner. The overall color palette of softer and brighter colors such as green and yellow represents health, youth and comfortability, which can be directly extrapolated over to the dental service as a whole. Both the image of a happy patient and a professional dentist also exist to prove that the service in question is hassle-free and highly professional.

creative dental ads example #1

creative dental ads example #2

Dental care

A message that is even more simple than the one presented above is our next group of ads with a common title of “Dental care”. All three of these examples follow a similar pattern to what we already went over – the base structure of an ad consists of a title, a slogan, an image and a background of sorts. In here we can see that all three examples use a different image as the centerpiece of a banner – banner #3 puts emphasis on a professional-looking dentist, while banner #4 gets the symbolism just right with a simple image of a toothbrush. Number 5, on the other hand, uses an image that represents the process of cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush, promoting both accessibility and simplicity of dental services as a whole.

creative dental ads example #3

creative dental ads example #4

creative dental ads example #5

Orthodontic treatment

There are also specific branches of dentistry that can be focused on, such as orthodontic treatment. It is one of many dental specialities that works on teeth or jaw malposition, as well as misaligned bite patterns. Since abnormal teeth alignment is fairly common all over the world, this particular branch is worth investing into, including promotion via dental ads. Both of these examples use happy clients with some form of orthodontic appliance, with little to no text on a banner aside from the title and the Call-to-Action banner.. 

creative dental ads example #6

creative dental ads example #7

Meeting your dental needs

Titles or slogans do not have to be short to be effective, either. These two examples are using two slightly different variations of a single phrase – “Meeting your dental needs with comprehensive/complex care”. As you can see here, the point of the title does not change that much depending on the wording, but there is some variation depending on the context. A “comprehensive” care is more suitable for a less specific imagery in the background, with the same overall message. A “complex” care, on the other hand, works better with an image of a professional dentist at work, as a proof of skill and consideration towards the client.

creative dental ads example #8

creative dental ads example #9

Quality dental care

Another example of a longer slogan that still works great is these two dental ads, and these two also have their own variations of the same slogan. Dental ad #10 adds “...in a modern, comfortable office” with an image of a happy client to add to the picture, while ad #11 uses “...for adults and children” with an image of a dentist interacting with multiple x-ray images. The former is an image of comfort for any future client, while the latter is the representation of professionalism no matter what the client’s age is.

creative dental ads example #10

creative dental ads example #11

Other examples of creative dental ads

There are four more creative dental ads examples that did not fit into any other group, which is why we are going to go over them separately. This first example uses the most simplistic message “Dental clinic” as the title, with an addition of a rather abstract image as the centerpiece of a banner. This image shows a picture of multiple hands intertwined, with some of them holding various dental care products. This kind of abstract imagery as a whole is enough to attract the potential user’s attention.

creative dental ads example #12

This next example is a bit more unconventional, using an image of a dental process with an extreme close-up of the job itself. This image combined with the title “High quality, affordable care” is used to showcase the professionalism and the confidence of the dentist in question in their skills, and the overall color palette also reinforces that message.

creative dental ads example #13

Abstract messages also have their own use when it comes to online advertisements, such as this specific dental ad example. This one uses a relatively calm message “Take care of your health!” combined with an assortment of toothbrushes combined with an image of a plant to represent health benefits as a whole. The overall image is also improved by adding a simplistic background with a neutral color scheme.

creative dental ads example #14

The last, but not the least example on this list is also somewhat unconventional, using a close-up of a person’s picture-perfect teeth as the main message – with “Teeth Whitening” used as the title below. These are the only elements that are present on a banner, creating both simple and expressive method of promoting specific dental services such as teeth whitening

creative dental ads example #15


Pretty much any industry out there has multiple different promotion methods available to them, and each method has its own nuances and advantages. When it comes to dental ads, we have managed to show a rather wide assortment of different banners and approaches to the same goal – to promote a specific dental service using a variety of images, text messages and a variety of meanings behind all of that.

Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst

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