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Nov 16, 2022

Updated Nov 16, 2022


All of the social media network websites rely a lot on recognition and branding as two of the biggest methods of promoting a specific channel or webpage. YouTube is no exception, offering multiple ways of reinforcing a channel’s branding in some way or another. While the channel logo is the one used all over the website itself, it is also fair to mention another notable method – YouTube channel banner.

YouTube channel banner is basically the first image that a person sees when accessing a specific channel’s page – it is higher than every other element of a channel, including logo, name, videos, etc. This particular image is the so-called “header” of a channel, a significant part of how the channel is perceived at first glance by regular users.

This banner is a great way to offer a lot of information about the channel, but it may sometimes be somewhat tricky to figure out. There are two major parts of this “issue” – the general design part, and the object placement part. We are going to start with the object placement first, since this particular issue is easier to explain and fix.

YouTube banner dimensions

The original dimensions for a YouTube banner may seem relatively simple – a classic 16:9 aspect ratio with 2560 x 1440 pixels in size. However, YouTube is also a platform that works on different types of devices, which means that the banner in question is inevitably going to get resized to fit a specific device’s dimensions. For this particular example it would be easier to segregate devices into three different categories – desktop, mobile and TV.

TVs are the only device type that can see the banner image in its entirety, it is shown whenever that particular device is accessing the channel in question. Other devices are not that easy to interact with, since both desktop and mobile devices can only show a small fraction of said banner.

For example, a desktop version of a YouTube banner is showcasing a part of a banner that is in its exact center – up to 2560 x 423 pixels, depending on a desktop device’s screen dimensions. Mobile devices can see an even smaller part of a YouTube banner, with dimensions of up to 1546 x 423 pixels in starting from the exact center of the image.

This kind of cropping means that most of your pink YouTube banner image is not going to be seen by anyone but TV users, which might be a significant problem for some specific banners. As such, it is a fairly common recommendation to try and place all of your important information on a YouTube banner in that exact rectangle in the middle of the image that is signifying a mobile-friendly part of this image.

Luckily enough, YouTube provides its own overlay for every banner image you upload as your channel banner to show what parts of the image are going to get cropped for specific device types. It is also a great way to see if your object placement within a banner was correct or not.

YouTube banner content placement

Now that we figured out how to fix the problem of dimensions and cropping for YouTube banners, we can move on to a somewhat more complicated issue – content placement within said banner. Sometimes it might be extremely difficult for some specific content to be placed within that so-called “safe area” of 1546 x 423 pixels. You may even have to redesign parts of your YouTube banner to fit into this specific area.

This particular issue is hard to give a definitive answer to, since it is all about specific situations and artistic choices. With this kind of approach, offering inspiration and examples is the best way to help fix this particular issue. As an example, we can take banners that use a pink color palette for most of their design choices.

Colors in general can be used to create associations with specific feelings or emotions, and pink is not an exception to that – generating emotions of kindness, love and affection. It is also one of the main color schemes for products centered around and marketed towards women.

In the list below we are going to be presenting ten different examples of pink YouTube banners, explaining the purpose and the idea of each and every one of them.

10 pink YouTube banner examples

Pink YouTube banner example #1

pink youtube banner example #1

The first example on this list is a fairly common case of promotion for a specific product type. In this context the pink color scheme is more of a representation of emotions rather than targeting specific gender. You can see that both the title and the description of a banner are done with little to no modifications, leaving everything to a simplistic image of a pink glass and the overall pink-centered color scheme to attract attention to itself.

Pink YouTube Banner Example #2

pink youtube banner example #2

Our next example is great at showcasing that you can promote both products and services using this pink YouTube banner type. You can see here that this is a makeup tutorial event banner that uses several different ways to signify its connection with the target matter – the circular “logo” at the center of the image is showcasing a person holding multiple makeup brushes. At the same time, the image’s background is done using a style that closely resembles a makeup brush’s trail, offering a very specific explanation of itself at the first glance.

Pink YouTube Banner Example #3

pink youtube banner example #3

Makeup is not the only area that can promote its events with pink YouTube banners, there are many other examples of industries that can utilize pink color schemes in their promotion materials. The art industry is probably the easiest one on this list since almost anything can be attributed to the author’s vision of an image – including this background image that combines bright pink as a general color and black shapes with white dots on that pink background to signify the futuristic intent of the promotional material. Other elements of the banner are also placed close to the center of the image, making sure that every device type is going to see the message in question.

Pink YouTube Banner Example #4

pink youtube banner example #4

Pink theme is also a great option when it comes to various discounts and other special deals for products of some sort. You can see here that the overall theme of a banner uses a combination of blue and pink to look flashy and attractive, while the title is as short as it gets, signifying the nature of the promotion. The person with a happy face near the center of the picture is also another layer of instilling emotions of happiness and joy into users.

Pink YouTube Banner Example #5

pink youtube banner example #5

Red and pink are rather famous colors when it comes to various approaches to gift wrapping, and this banner takes full advantage of that correlation. The centerpiece of this pink YouTube banner is the title – using capital letters and forming a phrase in no uncertain terms so that everyone can understand the point immediately. The rest of the image includes a number of different gift boxes and packages to also create a non-verbal meaning of the image, as well. The pink color of the background reacts nice with both the gift variations and the title font/colors.

Pink YouTube Banner Example #6

pink youtube banner example #6

Wine tasting events have gained quite a lot of popularity in recent years, so advertisements had to keep up with this sudden popularity boost. This particular banner uses a very light shade of pink as the background color so that the one-note color could blend in easily with the image of two wine glasses being held together. The overall tone of the image is very light and airy, and even the title of a banner is done using an unusual font type painted in white, yet it is still visible with no issues whatsoever.

Pink YouTube Banner Example #7

pink youtube banner example #7

Since pink is often perceived as one of the bigger signs of femininity, it is not that uncommon to see it used as the means of promoting a channel hosted by a female. This example suits the template really well, with the person in question being front and center in the middle of the image, and the title of the pink YouTube banner leaving no room for doubt about what this channel is called and who it is hosted by. The usage of pink and yellow colors also creates an interesting clash of colors that attracts attention to itself while also not being particularly saturated.

Pink YouTube Banner Example #8

pink youtube banner example #8

The second example of a similar idea can be seen in this banner example – a channel promotion with a specific person being both the name and the face of the channel in question. In this example, you can see that the pattern of the background is drastically different from the previous banner – even though it still uses that interesting contrast of yellow and pink colors with the addition of a gradient. The title of this pink YouTube banner image is also different, showcasing both the name and the upload schedule of the channel at the same time. This kind of consistency is what can attract a lot of attention to itself if done correctly.

Pink YouTube Banner Example #9

pink youtube banner example #9

Getting back to the topic of product promotion using a pink color scheme, this is also a great example of that since this particular banner uses pink as the means of promoting the sale of cosmetology-related products. This particular niche is one of the most well-known product types in terms of pink color usage since it signifies both beauty and youthfulness. Here you can see that the image itself is split into two parts – one has a simple pink background with the title card, while the other is a picture of the beauty product combined with a flower for additional youth-related wordless meaning.

Pink YouTube Banner Example #10

pink youtube banner example #10

However, that’s not to say that there are only so many industries that can use pink as the main color in their promotional material. There are pretty much no limitations in that regard, as long as the color itself fits the idea of the promotion. This last banner is a good example of that, promoting a donut bakery – something that may not seem too colorful in the first place before you add multiple variations of colorful frosting with sprinkles on top of these donuts. You can see how this example combines multiple colorful donuts with a bright pink color scheme and a nice large title card to leave no room for doubt about what this pink YouTube banner is about.


Banner advertisements can have countless different variations, which is why the phrase “imagination is your only limit” is fairly common when it comes to banner creation. The same could be said for specific categories of banners, as well, if they are based on a specific color scheme, a specific product or service category, and so on. The main message here is that making your own unique one-of-a-kind banner is not particularly different, especially when you have so many different examples to take inspiration from as in this article.

Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst
Founder, CEO at Viewst

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