10 most significant features we shipped in 2023


Jan 22, 2024

Updated Jan 22, 2024

Scaling and automation of ad creative production. With Viewst's innovative tools, brands can rapidly produce and deploy a diverse array of personalized ads, ensuring consistent quality and brand consistency at scale.

Span Styles

Customizing your message just got easier with Span Styles. This feature allows you to apply varied text styles within a single text block, ensuring that key messages stand out. It's the perfect tool for emphasizing your call-to-action or highlighting your unique selling proposition without disrupting the visual harmony of your design.

Multi-Element Selection

Efficiency in design is paramount. With our Multi-Element Selection feature, you can now choose several elements on a canvas and simultaneously apply different settings to them all. This not only speeds up the design process but also ensures brand consistency across your creative elements.

Custom Animations

Animations can bring your ads to life. Our Custom Animations feature provides you with a suite of controls to set up animations that capture attention and engage your audience. Whether it's a subtle movement or an eye-catching transition, your ads will never be static again.

AI Visual Asset Creation

Unleash your creativity with our AI capabilities for creating unique visual assets. Leveraging the power of DALL-E and Neural.Love, you can now scale your creativity and produce visuals that were once unimaginable, all at the touch of a button.


Streamline your team management with Organizations. This feature simplifies the way you manage teams, allowing for fast and seamless collaboration. It's about getting everyone on the same page, so you can focus on crafting compelling ad designs.


Go global with ease. Our Localization feature translates your copy into any language with just a click, breaking down barriers and opening up markets. Communicate effortlessly with an international audience and watch your brand's reach expand.

AI Copy Generation

Say goodbye to creative block with our AI Copy Generation feature. This innovative feature harnesses the power of AI to produce a variety of copy options, enabling brands to launch highly personalized ad campaigns. By tailoring messages to different demographics and personalities, engagement skyrockets and conversion rates soar.

Integrations with Ad Accounts

Integrations with Google CM and Meta ad accounts represent another step towards efficiency.
By connecting directly with your ad accounts, this feature saves precious time and reduces friction in the ad design workflow.

Real-Time Analytics

Knowledge is power, and with Viewst's Real-Time Analytics, it's also immediate. By syncing with your ad accounts, this feature grants designers the ability to track performance, analyze results, and iterate designs that resonate with audiences. It's a continuous feedback loop that sharpens instincts with solid data, empowering creators to make informed, impactful design choices.

Workflow Enhancement with Feeds

Scaling ad production has never been smoother, thanks to our Workflow with Feeds feature. By utilizing CSV files, teams can automate the generation of banner sets, each with unique links and tailored messaging. High-volume campaigns are no longer a logistical nightmare but a streamlined process that delivers consistent, quality ads en masse..


In 2023, Viewst has solidified its position as one of a few leaders in the ad design space by delivering a suite of features that empower creators and marketers alike. With a firm understanding of the principles of graphic design, a commitment to maintaining brand identity, and a suite of tools that enhance creative instincts while optimizing ad production workflow, Viewst's platform is the partner you need to lift the weight of routine tasks off your shoulders.

From automating the mundane to providing actionable insights with hard data, Viewst ensures that your focus remains on pushing the boundaries of innovation. Whether you're fine-tuning your brand's message, scaling up your campaigns, or analyzing the data to understand what resonates with your audience, Viewst's 2023 features are designed to help you be more efficient and stand out.

Product lead at Viewst
Product lead at Viewst
Product lead at Viewst

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