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25 May 2021
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Best YouTube Banner Size for All Devices. Recommended YouTube Banner Sizes


Even though its purpose is slightly different than with most of the social media websites, YouTube technically does belong to the same category, as well. As with any social media, grabbing the attention of the users is one of the main purposes of your own or your company’s YouTube account.

01_YouTube banner sizes

A good comparison would be with a cover of a book – your YouTube channel serves as a cover for everything that you’re doing, and it’s important to keep it presentable and interesting. YouTube’s own statistics shows that there are billions of users that are using it, and all of these users are responsible for over one billion hours of content watched on a daily basis, which is an impressive amount on its own.

This kind of popularity is the main reason why it is highly recommended to not abandon your YouTube channel in favor of other social media websites. And, continuing with the previously mentioned book cover analogy, your entire channel’s face is represented by various types of YouTube banners.

Next, we’ll attempt to go over each of the YouTube banner types, as well as their nuances, dimensions, and recommendations on their creation.

YouTube channel banner size

There are several different names that can be used for this particular part of your YouTube channel, but officially it’s called a channel banner. Other names are also applicable to the image that is placed above your profile picture and your videos, including “channel art”, “page banner” and “background banner”.

02_YouTube banner sizes

The main purpose of this image is to attract the attention of anyone that comes to your YouTube channel. However, choosing the correct image for this purpose might seem somewhat problematic at first.

To explain that statement in more detail, we have to go over YouTube banner art size guidelines, first (all of the dimension data below is in pixels, or px):

  • YouTube banner size 2560×1440 is the preferred banner size;
  • YouTube banner size 2048×1152 represents the bare minimum for your channel banner image;
  • The limit for your YouTube banner image size is 6 MB.

At the same time, we can also look at the recommendations for a YouTube banner size in inches:

  • 26,6×15 inch is the preferred YouTube channel art banner size;
  • 21,3×12 inch is the bare minimum size of a YouTube channel banner.

There are two more semi-official recommendations left in regards to image size for a YouTube banner:

  • 2560 x 423 px is the maximum width when it comes to YouTube banner size for desktop;
  • 1546 x 423 px is the recommended “safe area” in the middle of your channel banner for your logos and other text info.

The number of different recommendations and dimensions might seem confusing at first, which is why we’ll attempt to explain the reasoning behind it below.

YouTube page banner sizes and banner cropping

As a social media platform with a massive audience, YouTube has several different versions of its website, from mobile and tablet apps to desktops and TV apps. Of course, with several different designs across multiple devices, it’s normal for every device type to have its own perfect YouTube banner size.

03_YouTube banner sizes

YouTube banner desktop size, for example, has a fixed height of 423 pixels but can scale the width of your YouTube channel art from 1546 to 2560 pixels. YouTube desktop banner size is also the only example out of the four capable of scaling up and down within the same device type, due to the variation of desktop monitor resolutions.

YouTube banner size for mobile, on the other hand, is represented by the combination of the smallest width and height available, which is 1546 x 423 pixels (this specific YouTube mobile banner size is also considered a “safe area”, which we’ll go over later). Mobile YouTube banner size is the smallest one out of the four.

Additionally, one more resolution exists, and it represents the tablet devices. When compared to the previously mentioned YouTube banner mobile size, the height is still similar and stands at 423 pixels, but the width is a middle ground between mobile and desktop variations, standing at 1855 pixels.

The last example out of the four is the simplest one – YouTube TV applications. When it comes to actual TVs, the YouTube background banner size in this case is the biggest one yet, standing at 2560 x 1440 pixels – as your basic image with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

The concept of YouTube banner’s “safe area”

Another important matter concerning the topic of recommended YouTube banner sizes is the concept of a “safe area” for your channel art. A “safe area”, in the context of YouTube art banner size, is a specific area in the middle of your channel banner that would be seen from any of the device types mentioned above – mobile, tablets, desktops, and TVs.

That conclusion allows us to say that, technically, a “safe area” of 1546 x 423 pixels is the YouTube banner size for all devices at once. However, it’s not exactly true, because this area is not the entire image, but only a part of it.

Keeping this concept in mind, it’s safe to say that the best YouTube banner size for your channel is 2560 x 1440 pixels, with the most important information located in the rectangular area in the middle of your banner with the dimensions of 1546 x 423 pixels.

Figuring out the correct placement for the “safe area” would’ve been extremely problematic if it wasn’t for two important factors: templates and YouTube customization tools.

YouTube channel banner size templates can be found within many different online ad builders, and when it comes to safe areas, online editing platforms like Viewst already have all of the information in their YouTube banner size templates located right in the middle of a banner template, greatly simplifying your work in that regard.

Another extremely useful factor is the current iteration of YouTube’s uploading tools. Even if your YouTube banner size image has an incorrect aspect ratio or a slightly different resolution, or a non-centered “safe area” – YouTube allows you to customize the “safe area” of your banner manually, while presenting you the visualization of how your banner is going to look across different devices (an example is located below).

an example of YouTube banner customization tools

Such extensive customization allows you to figure out the best way to present and save your channel banner size YouTube, so that it would be looking at its finest across multiple device types.

YouTube profile banner size

YouTube channel profile picture has probably the closest purpose with the other social media websites. Your channel’s picture shows up in several different places all over YouTube, such as:

  • On your channel page, under your banner, and near your channel name;
  • In other people’s YouTube feed under your videos;
  • In the community tab of your channel beside your community posts;
  • In all of your videos’ pages under your videos, and so on.

The recommended YouTube banner size when it comes to profile pictures is 98 x 98 pixels. An interesting nuance with YouTube banner picture size when it comes to profile pictures is that, even though the preferred YouTube banner size image shape is a square, that same image is being cropped down into the shape of a circle. And the circular shape of your profile picture is the one that is shown across different parts of the website.

04_YouTube banner sizes

While the usage of an image with a higher resolution or a different aspect ratio is not exactly prohibited, the image in question would be scaled down to a 98 x 98 pixels shape, so there’s no reason for anyone to put anything but their logo as their profile picture most of the time – since both YouTube banner size desktop and YouTube banner size mobile, as well as the other devices, are showing the same form of your profile image.

YouTube video banner size (thumbnail)

Another important category when it comes to different sizes of banners for YouTube is the video banner image (or, as it’s often called, a “thumbnail”). Thumbnails in YouTube act as representative static images for your videos, and their main purpose is mostly the same as with the channel art – to draw attention to themselves, thus generating clicks and impressions.

The standard YouTube cover banner size for specific videos is 1280 pixels wide and 720 pixels tall. The minimum width of these images is not supposed to go less than 640 pixels, and the recommended aspect ratio for them is 16:9. The file size limit, on the other hand, is smaller than with channel art – 2 MB and less.

Of course, there’s also an option to use one of the several thumbnails that YouTube offers to you every time you upload a video, but they are often just a random selection of the video’s static images and might not represent the original intent of the creator.


Figuring out the perfect size for a YouTube banner is not exactly difficult, but there are many different nuances involved in the process. However, we’ve attempted to show the biggest problem spots in the process of creating your own YouTube banner, be it for a video, for a channel profile picture, or even the channel art.

Using this blog post as a reference, it should be much easier to choose the best size for a YouTube banner of yours and create the one that fits your intentions the most.

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