Viewst announces the release of the next feature – feed generation

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Since digital media has exploded and creative teams have not been able to keep up, Viewst has built the most simple editor for media teams to edit their own banner ads and a workspace to collaborate with the creative team. Viewst is transforming how media teams look and work with their banner ads.  

Feed generation – the feature that helps ad campaigns go live faster

Viewst has released feed generation, enabling marketers to turn their CSV files into hundreds of ads with different stories, colors all staying on brand. From any html5 banner, Viewst will create tons of other banners just like it. Feed generation will speed up ad production. 

This feature provides three great opportunities: simplification of work, reduction of ad production time, and facilitating increased variability, thereby allowing greater earnings.Built to automate A/B testing and retargeting campaigns in such spheres as e-commerce, retail, FMCG, etc.

Watch our tutorial video about how this function works.

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