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23 November 2021
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STATION F unveils Future 40 2021, highlighting its most promising companies

Viewst is happy to announce that the Company was included into 40 the most promising startups among 1000 Station F residents in 2021. The companies featured in the group have all been hand-picked, based on their growth traction, first achievements and projects for the next months to ensure they are truly the rising stars. 

Station F unveiled the list of its top 40 companies of 2021 during a full online demo day, livestreamed on November 18 for investors, journalists and members of the ecosystem.

On the back of this event, Viewst has received an interest from a bunch of investors from France and the United States. The startup is currently raising its seed round. You can find more info about Viewst traction here.

About Viewst

Viewst is a platform that bridges the gap between creative and media teams in the digital ad space. It enables designers and marketing managers to collaborate in real time, scale ads versioning, streamline approvals and go live faster.   

Viewst launched the service back in 2020 and expanded into 109 countries with more than 10k active users since then. Initially, the company targeted SMBs to help them with their marketing efforts. Now it is shifting to Enterprises. The team joined the Havas Acceleration Program at STATION F this fall. It has already started pilots with more than 20 agencies and brands in France, Netherlands, and the USA since then.

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