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12 July 2021
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LinkedIn Ad Sizes. Personal and Company Profile Images

There is a lot of sense in using different channels to reach completely different audience pools. This can apply not only to your regular social networks, but also to participants of a B2B industry (Business-to-Business). This is where LinkedIn plays a big and important role.

LinkedIn is a professional business-and-employment service that works mainly through mobile apps and websites. Two of the biggest use cases for LinkedIn are job seekers posting CVs and employers posting jobs – both of those are the prime examples of professional networking.

linkedin sizes 1

While both credentials and skills of a potential employee or employer are important, but so are the visuals of your profile page. Your profile picture or a background image might serve as a big part of the employer/employee’s first impression.

Of course, like with any social media network, LinkedIn offers several different placements for your banners, in several different LinkedIn ad sizes – cover photos, profile pictures, banners, stories, and so on. Additionally, there are some differences between a company page and a personal profile when it comes to LinkedIn.

It is worth saying that there are several banner types that remain constant for both profile types – regular posts and stories, for example. Regular posts in LinkedIn support a lot of different image types and dimensions, but the recommended LinkedIn ads sizes for this particular banner is 1200 x 628 pixels.

Stories, on the other hand, have a somewhat higher standard of posting, with recommended sizes staying at 1080 x 1920 pixels for each story. It is worth noting that posting stories is only possible from mobile devices so far, and there’s also the fact that company stories can be seen by every one of their subscribers.

Now we’re going to move over to the images that are personal profile-specific.

Personal profiles in LinkedIn

There are two main LinkedIn ad sizes that are commonly used for personal profiles – 400 x 400 pixels for profile images and 1584 x 396 pixels for background images (or cover images).

linkedin sizes 2

Additionally, the recommended dimensions for profile images are not mandatory, and can go up to 20000 x 20000 pixels, with two restrictions – 1:1 aspect ratio and less than 8 Mb file size.

The size for background images is also more of a recommendation and not the rule, but it is possible that an image with a different aspect ratio is going to be automatically corrected by the site itself, possibly cutting off a part of your background image.

Company pages in LinkedIn

The requirement for profile image on a company page is slightly different and stays at the recommended size of 300 x 300 pixels, since there’s no real need for more quality if you do not have to present your entire face and just the miniature company logo.

Additionally, the cover image for company pages also differs from its personal counterpart, with a slightly different aspect ratio and a general LinkedIn ads sizes recommendation of 1536 x 768 pixels. Such an image is often used to highlight your specific product, of your business’s purpose.

linkedin sizes 3

It’s also worth mentioning that advertisements throughout LinkedIn can also utilize images for various purposes. There are several types of advertisement that are possible within LinkedIn.

Regular single-page advertisement banners have a recommended LinkedIn banner size of 1200 x 627 pixels. Carousel ads, on the other hand, have a recommended 1:1 aspect ratio, and a 1080 x 1080 pixels of recommended size. There are other ad types available on LinkedIn, but these are the ones directly connected with images and not videos.

Company page’s “Life” tab

When it comes to company pages, there’s a somewhat different tab available for you called the “Life” tab. While the regular, “Overview” tab has the details of your company and a relatively small 360 x 120 pixels image, the “Life” tab is often used to highlight specific content of your company, be it projects, people, and so on.

“Life” tab images are usually 1128 x 376 pixels in size, at least this is the recommended combination of height and width. Another image size that is applicable here is “custom image”, and those come exclusively from optional modules that can be connected to your company page. As such, the recommended image size for custom module images is 502 x 282 pixels.

Tips for making a cool LinkedIn banner

You’re probably thinking: ”with the number of rules & guidelines, creating a cool LinkedIn banner must be pretty hard”; no! This is not so, creating your next LinkedIn banner can be pretty fun, entertaining and fulfilling.

The absence of a fixed format makes the creation process more creative and interesting. You are free to bring all your beautiful imagination to fruition. 

When creating your LinkedIn banner, ensure that it portrays your brand identity to your target audience. Your banner should be one that is clear and easily discernible at a single look. 

Customize your banner picture to fit your business. Employer, employee or customer regardless, your LinkedIn banner should attract and sustain attention.

LinkedIn banners are one commonly overlooked aspect of LinkedIn profiles -they seem like just a tiny and trivial aspect compared to other parts like the experience and work sections-. However, they are one of the first profile elements a visitor to your page is exposed to.

The manner and tone of your banner would dictate the form of response your viewers give.

Your LinkedIn banner should have a simple, minimal and clean design. Do not put too much or not enough details, strive to achieve an equilibrium. This would ensure profile uniqueness and give your brand a more professional outlook. 

Most LinkedIn users would not bother scrolling down to check the rest of your profile if your LinkedIn banners are off-putting. This is especially disastrous for your brand, as your awesome and carefully-curated profile content becomes wasted.

Note that your LinkedIn banner can be used to disseminate various ideas and information. Think of it as a free and effective billboard.

You can use your LinkedIn banners to:

  • advertise your brand, products or services;
  • place emphasis on certain messages you wish to convey;
  • encourage viewers’ engagement through a CTA (call-to-action;
  • showcase your brand’s identity, vision and mission statements;
  • highlight your core values and what you have to offer;
  •  serve as just a background to make your profile look cool.

When customizing your LinkedIn banner, ensure that you follow all the banner size recommendations and specifications. This will make sure your banner gets accepted and actually fulfills its purpose.

The recommended LinkedIn banner sizes are: 400 x 400 pxs for personal profile photos, 1584 x 396 pxs for cover photos, 300 x 300 pxs for company profile pictures and other banner dimensions listed in this article.

Be careful of how your LinkedIn banner would appear on various devices, -important information could get cut off on certain devices-,  therefore ensure that you put all important information in a ‘safe area’.

Have a well-defined and properly optimized color palette. Make sure the colors in your LinkedIn banners are coordinated and compliment  each other. This will make your profile stand out in a visually-appealing way; as opposed to being an eyesore if your colors clash.

When creating your LinkedIn banner, your creativity knows no bounds, you don’t have to opt for your regular boring social media photos, think up something new, something fresh, something unique! 

This will make your brand well-defined and you won’t just be ‘one of the others’.

Add your other social media platforms to your LinkedIn banners. Let your audience know how to reach you on your other social media. Including your social media on your banner would even serve as a ‘call-to-action’ and be a ginger to your audience.

Use the right tools! We know, it is tempting to just open up ‘Paint’ on your computer and start editing. However, you would agree that an image created using appropriate software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator would surely look more professional than one created via ‘Paint’.

If you lack decent editing skills, there are a lot of online ad builders you can utilize to create your Linkedin banners. Viewst is one great example of these.

Pay attention to quality. Make use of stock-free and good looking images. Your LinkedIn banners portray your brand, using low-quality banners would make bad impressions on your audience.

Note that people would judge your brand’s effectiveness and general service delivery based on the LinkedIn banner you use. Therefore, your banners should be of high quality and optimum resolution.

Now that you have a good idea of how to create dope and aesthetically-pleasing LinkedIn banners, let’s check out some handpicked examples of cool LinkedIn banners.

Examples of cool LinkedIn banners

  • Skin Care

First on our list is this exquisite design advertising skin care. Not only is the general design simple and awesome, the color coordination is nothing short of amazing.

This banner follows a recommended size of 1584 x 396 px and even has its textual design positioned at the center of the image. The effect of this is that important information or texts are not lost due to screen size varieties.

Further appealing to your emotional senses with an aesthetic image of clean and supple-looking hands, you know that your skincare is definitely in the right hands!

  • Programming

Remember how we said that your LinkedIn banner should be an engaging one? This cool LinkedIn banner does just that.

Capturing attention with a catchy CTA like ‘work from anywhere in the world’, you already know what you should expect when working with this brand.

Also,  the soothing yet not-too-dull yellow background compliments the general banner design just right!

  • Cosmetologist

Staying faithful to nature, this banner utilizes its green color, which is also generally associated with health.

At first glance, you are attracted by the pop of colors, the unique design, the general attention to details and specifications and the effective call-to-action.

You already know what the brand offers: a ‘Cosmetologist’; and what they want you to do: ‘contact us and we will help you find a specialist for you’.

The presence of an avocado further cements your confidence in the brand as you now know that your cosmetology experience would be a natural one free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

  • Cosmetics

We have another cosmetic-themed brand here, this banner is detailed; yet not cluttered.

Appealing to your visual and aesthetic senses, this brand effectively advertises their products and even offers you samples of the various products they have for your cosmetic needs.

The general overview of this brand is beauty, hence the presence of flowers is a cool and classic marketing technique. One glance, and all your cosmetic fears are allayed.

  • Dessert

What do you want? ‘Incredibly delicious desserts!’. 

This cool LinkedIn banner provides you with all the necessary information you need. They let you know what they do, what they have to offer, and even offer you tantalizing and mouth-watering confectionery.

Apart from the banner art, you’ll notice how the design is clear; making use of a bold title text and a befitting subtitle that sumptuously advertises what they have to offer.

  • Black Friday

Because… why not? Why would the background color for a ‘Black Friday’ banner not be black?

This cool LinkedIn banner effortlessly combines color in a beautiful way. Not one to let their valuable banner space go to waste, this brand calls attention to a certain service they offer.

Long texts or boring graphics are not needed, as a look is all you need; to know that you’re getting a massive discount on your next purchase.

With enough attention to the image cropping that often occurs as a result of screen size differences, this banner places the main message they’re trying to project in a ‘safe area’; positioned right in the middle of the image.

  • Products for artists

You definitely wouldn’t expect less from a brand that sells products for artists right? This banner has taken the color ‘blue’ and converted it into an emotional, effective and cool work of art.

With room for LinkedIn’s automatic scaling, going in accordance with size specifications and attention to lots of other details, this banner has managed to create a cool effect using a minimalistic design.

The banner manages to combine a pictorial advertisement for paint brushes, and a textual ad for top-quality paints, all in one cool picture!

What better way to optimally maximize your LinkedIn banner potentials?

  • Yoga

Meeting yet every one of our LinkedIn banner recommendations is this cool banner from a yoga company.

This banner employs a background color that beautifully accentuates the model’s skin tone, thus doing an amazing job of advertising their business.

Notice a tagline that assures you of an ‘energizing, rejuvenating and luxuriously restorative’ experience, you already know the perfect way to unwind and relax your body after a long and hectic day.

  • Fruit Shop

Depicting simplicity at its peak, the major message this banner is portraying stands out and attracts attention.

Complimenting this succinct message with well-coordinated and attractive colors, the design of this  cool LinkedIn banner is definitely one bold advertising technique.

The lovely way the fruit art calls out to your senses and the adherence to LinkedIn specifications are part of the reasons why this banner is so cool and unique.


LinkedIn is a massive social platform that offers a variety of features, mainly focused on networking and recruiting. As such, there are many different image types, and a large number of LinkedIn banner sizes available for both people and companies to use for their own purposes.

While it might seem confusing at first, there are many online ad builders out there that offer a large variety of templates for different social media sizes, and different purposes in general.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What are the recommended LinkedIn banner sizes?

The recommended LinkedIn banner sizes are 1584 x 396 pxs for cover photos; with an aspect ratio of 129:8 and a file size of not more than 4mb, 400 x 400 px for personal profile pictures and 300 x 300 px for company profile pictures.

What are the supported LinkedIn banner formats?

You can create and export your LinkedIn banners in PNG, JPG or GIF formats.

How do you create the ideal LinkedIn banner?

Creating a cool LinkedIn banner is super-easy and fun. Find appropriate software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw etc and follow the guidelines in this article.

Alternatively, for an easier, more optimized and professional way, visit the Viewst website and take advantage of their numerous qualitative image-editing features.

What can I set as my LinkedIn banner?

Your LinkedIn banner can consist of varieties of elements. The important thing is that they accurately represent your brand.

Your Linkedin banner could be a picture of your products, workspace or even just text. Your LinkedIn banners can be anything you can imagine, just ensure that you are able to communicate with your audience via them.

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