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12 July 2021
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LinkedIn Ad Sizes. Personal and Company Profile Images

There is a lot of sense in using different channels to reach completely different audience pools. This can apply not only to your regular social networks, but also to participants of a B2B industry (Business-to-Business). This is where LinkedIn plays a big and important role.

LinkedIn is a professional business-and-employment service that works mainly through mobile apps and websites. Two of the biggest use cases for LinkedIn are job seekers posting CVs and employers posting jobs – both of those are the prime examples of professional networking.

linkedin sizes 1

While both credentials and skills of a potential employee or employer are important, but so are the visuals of your profile page. Your profile picture or a background image might serve as a big part of the employer/employee’s first impression.

Of course, like with any social media network, LinkedIn offers several different placements for your banners, in several different LinkedIn ad sizes – cover photos, profile pictures, banners, stories, and so on. Additionally, there are some differences between a company page and a personal profile when it comes to LinkedIn.

It is worth saying that there are several banner types that remain constant for both profile types – regular posts and stories, for example. Regular posts in LinkedIn support a lot of different image types and dimensions, but the recommended LinkedIn ads sizes for this particular banner is 1200 x 628 pixels.

Stories, on the other hand, have a somewhat higher standard of posting, with recommended sizes staying at 1080 x 1920 pixels for each story. It is worth noting that posting stories is only possible from mobile devices so far, and there’s also the fact that company stories can be seen by every one of their subscribers.

Now we’re going to move over to the images that are personal profile-specific.

Personal profiles in LinkedIn

There are two main LinkedIn ad sizes that are commonly used for personal profiles – 400 x 400 pixels for profile images and 1584 x 396 pixels for background images (or cover images).

linkedin sizes 2

Additionally, the recommended dimensions for profile images are not mandatory, and can go up to 20000 x 20000 pixels, with two restrictions – 1:1 aspect ratio and less than 8 Mb file size.

The size for background images is also more of a recommendation and not the rule, but it is possible that an image with a different aspect ratio is going to be automatically corrected by the site itself, possibly cutting off a part of your background image.

Company pages in LinkedIn

The requirement for profile image on a company page is slightly different and stays at the recommended size of 300 x 300 pixels, since there’s no real need for more quality if you do not have to present your entire face and just the miniature company logo.

Additionally, the cover image for company pages also differs from its personal counterpart, with a slightly different aspect ratio and a general LinkedIn ads sizes recommendation of 1536 x 768 pixels. Such an image is often used to highlight your specific product, of your business’s purpose.

linkedin sizes 3

It’s also worth mentioning that advertisements throughout LinkedIn can also utilize images for various purposes. There are several types of advertisement that are possible within LinkedIn.

Regular single-page advertisement banners have a recommended LinkedIn banner size of 1200 x 627 pixels. Carousel ads, on the other hand, have a recommended 1:1 aspect ratio, and a 1080 x 1080 pixels of recommended size. There are other ad types available on LinkedIn, but these are the ones directly connected with images and not videos.

Company page’s “Life” tab

When it comes to company pages, there’s a somewhat different tab available for you called the “Life” tab. While the regular, “Overview” tab has the details of your company and a relatively small 360 x 120 pixels image, the “Life” tab is often used to highlight specific content of your company, be it projects, people, and so on.

“Life” tab images are usually 1128 x 376 pixels in size, at least this is the recommended combination of height and width. Another image size that is applicable here is “custom image”, and those come exclusively from optional modules that can be connected to your company page. As such, the recommended image size for custom module images is 502 x 282 pixels.


LinkedIn is a massive social platform that offers a variety of features, mainly focused on networking and recruiting. As such, there are many different image types, and a large number of LinkedIn banner sizes available for both people and companies to use for their own purposes.

While it might seem confusing at first, there are many online ad builders out there that offer a large variety of templates for different social media sizes, and different purposes in general.

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