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The update includes a new fill selector to use pictures for the canvas background, as well as shapes and buttons, a new image size for Twitter, as well the old one was has been changed; Google Ads in the export system; new illustrations and some other edits and improvements.

  • added a new fill selector for using pictures to fill the background of the canvas, as well as figures and buttons;
New elements:
  • 34 new illustrations added

Improvements and bug fixes:
  • a new image size of 1200×1200 was added for Twitter, and the size of 1024×512 was changed to 1200×600
  • added an export option for Google Ads to the export system
  • added new illustrations
  • improved the Undo and Redo functions with variants and synchronization with images in the project
  • fixed the bug whereby the “Find”/”My” tabs did not switch on the floating resource panel – improved the background removal function
  • You are no longer able to create images with non-whole values for the canvas size
  • other improvements and bug fixes

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