How does color affect your ad campaigns?

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Color is an essential part of any advertising campaign as it conveys the right mood and allows potential customers to associate those emotions with your products or services. The proper color combination leads to the right emotions. Let us see how to deal with colors in advertising campaigns in the most efficient way.

Did you know that color can affect our brain in one way or another? If a man refusing to eat for days will be placed into a red room, he will start desiring food. An aggressive patient put in a blue room will be calmed down in a period of one hour. These ideas became the results of various experiments conducted by doctor Ponza in 1875. He used colored glass, walls and furniture in various rooms and put different types of people there.

Color is an essential element in any business ad campaign. It plays a significant role in generating sales as it can influence consumer feelings and thoughts about goods or services you are promoting on your ads. Consumers first draw on color than on words and messages, and even faces of people you put on the ad.

Below we are going to discuss different colors that will help to grab user attention, those which are the best for backgrounds, for messaging and call-to-action.

Red: to unleash the power, agility, and courage


Red is an emotionally intense color which portrays energy, strength, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. It represents the connection of mankind with Earth referring to grounding and putting down roots. It helps to release sentimental and physical reactions such as the power, courage, passion and excitement.

Effect on brain

Red color encourages appetite and enhances metabolism, that’s why it is widely used by Food companies for branding foods and drinks. For example, Coca-Cola is famous for its red and white combination. The white swirling letters bring some excitement and stimulate addiction. The bright red background provokes and spurs a desire to have the bottle of Coke. White colour is well-known for its attraction and eye-catching qualities and is perfect for signage. Red is ideal to fascinate.

Also, the color red can trigger impulse buys. That’s why changing the color of the price from black to red makes people think they are getting a bargain and stimulating more sales.

Red color is widely used by Coca-Cola in their ad banners

Hack for Ads

Since red is significantly visible and makes text or images to stand out, it shall be used as an accent on the ad banner to attract the user’s attention to your key messages or stimulate them to click on the ad. For example, you may use already pre-designed call-to-action buttons with red background for your ad banners here.

Pre-designed CTA on

Hex Code/#RRGGBB: #FF0000*

*hack: you can easily insert this code to change the background color of your banner on

For your convenience, we made a palette with different shades of red and respective #RRGGBB.

Red Palette

You may also wish to play with the gradient. Learn how to do it on

Orange: is about positive vibes and happiness and is meant for success


Orange is a combination of red and yellow, it originates ideas, creative thinking and sexuality. It boosts one’s spirit and motivation as well as stimulating imagination and enthusiasm.

Effect on brain

Actually, orange color itself brings mental stimulation by increasing the oxygen supply to the brain. For some people, it invokes a feeling of warm, sunny days, for some, it is about compassion and meditation. Being a bit childish color, it radiates goodness and peace. Orange also provides us with greater self-respect and the impulse to respect others.

Hack for Ads

Orange color is often used to draw user attention due to its energy and cheerfulness. It is widely used for branding and could be associated with sports, refreshing taste of citrus, and also Halloween in the United States. However, cultural differences can affect the usage of this color. For example, in the US it also symbolizes prison for its orange uniforms, while in the East it is linked to spirituality (buddhist monks are wearing the orange robes). Anyway, orange is very much a social color, it makes people open up and commence a communication. If your company is dealing with social events or arrangements of any kind, concerts, or you might be developing a platform for networking, then orange color is perfect for your next advertising campaign. Also, if you would like to target youth — you should also use orange as it is highly accepted among young people. Due to its high visibility, you can grab a user’s attention effortlessly.

For example, Fanta targets teenagers and young adults between 15 to 24 years old who want to enjoy life and have fun.

Example of Ad Banner by Fanta
Example of Ad Banner by Fanta

Highlight the most important elements of your design to convey excitement. Orange perfectly works for promoting toys, sport stuff, and refreshing products.

If you are ready to set up an advertising campaign, go to and grab one of pre-designed templates with orange backgrounds.

Pre-designed template on

Hex Code/#RRGGBB: #FFA500*

*hack: you can easily insert this code to change the background color of your banner on

For your convenience, we made a palette with different shades of orange and respective #RRGGBB.

Orange Palette

Yellow: to clear mind, evoke optimism and good spirits


Yellow is the colour of sunlight, which induces joy, happiness, good vibes, and warm energy.

Effect on brain

Yellow stimulates mental activity and generates muscle energy. It has a mood improving impact, boosts self-respect, and improves social relationships.

Hack for Ads

Yellow color is often used by taxi cabs, it is associated with food. Toy producers and businesses promoting children products often use yellow color in their adverts. Yellow is widely used by Lego in their advertising campaigns. It might be applied as background or in separate parts or elements of ad design, e.g. flowers, birds, individual bricks.

Example of Ad Banners by Lego

This is because this color is childish and evokes pleasant and cheerful feelings. However, avoid overusing this colour in ads because it can have a disturbing effect. For example, babies cry more in bright yellow rooms. Pure and sparkling yellow attracts user attention, in particular, when placed against black. So, you may use a yellow call-to-action, or separate elements, texts, icons of your ad banner highlighting the most important messages to your audience with this brilliant color. Hence, Fanta (the Coca-Cola Co) is not afraid to use yellow rich color widely.

Example of Ad Banner by Fanta
Example of templates with yellow CTAs

Go to for already pre-designed ad buttons. Learn more how to use call-to-action.

Hex Code/#RRGGBB: #FFFF00*

*hack: you can easily insert this code to change the background color of your banner on

For your convenience, we made a palette with different shades of yellow and respective #RRGGBB.

Yellow Palette

Green: to calm down and bring peace & harmony


Green is the colour of vitality, nature and rejuvenation.

Effect on brain

Green has a great healing power on physical, mental and spiritual level. It stimulates the nerves and turns negative thoughts into positive one. It evokes feelings of stability and patience. It is also associated with relaxation and known as the most restful color for human eyes.

Hack for Ads

Drugs and medical stores always use green to indicate safety. Consumers are more health conscious today, pay more attention to environmental issues and global warming. As such, this color can be used to promote eco-friendly products or services. In general, green is a perfect suit for any advertising campaign that makes a great impact.

Examples of greenish templates

Hex Code/#RRGGBB: #0B6623*

*hack: you can easily insert this code to change the background color of your banner on

For your convenience, we made a palette with different shades of green and respective #RRGGBB.

Green Palette

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