Product update: February 20, 2023

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The update includes major improvements and fixes to the animation page, as well as other fixes and improvements.


Significant improvements and edits have been made to an animation page:

  • Replaced the old set of animations with a new one;
  • New icons and previews;
  • Now the action popup appears to the right of the click on the timeline;
  • Fixed a bug in the position of the element when replacing the animation;
  • Fixed element position bug when deleting all animations;
  • Now each subsequent animation is added to the values of the previous one.
Improvements and fixes:
  • Added display of Active Zone on Canvas;
  • Fixed a bug when entering a color code;
  • Fixed a bug where a shape filled with an image on a duplicated creative layer was not exported;
  • Fixed a bug where the drop-down list with scale values was unavailable;
  • Improved preview generation when uploading creative;
  • Improved interaction with API for manual variants;
  • Improved auto-resize;
  • Added check of the brandbook name in the project when renaming them to avoid the same names;
  • Fixed a bug preventing editing the name of the brandbook using the cursor;
  • Fixed a bug with disappearance of the analytics button when changing the status or deadline of a creative;
  • Fixed a bug leading to logging out;
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

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