Top 15 Banner Examples That Generate The Highest CTR & CR in 2021


The basics

Online advertisement is basically everywhere nowadays, and a big part of it is displayed as banner ads. At this point, there are so many ads that you barely notice most of them in the first place – which is exactly the intention of banner makers. The best cases of banner advertising are looking as a part of the website’s design, keeping up with the same theme, and standing out at the same time.

The idea of banner advertising is all about placing an advertisement piece on another website. As the name suggests, an advertisement piece in question is banner-shaped, which is a rectangle of sorts, and those can be placed on top of a website or at the bottom of it. Additionally, banner ads can be placed along with the site’s content, either to the left or to the right of it.

Most of the website owners tend to sell their advertisement space through one of the ad services, such as Google AdSense. Although, it’s not the only option, and you can still sell advertisement space directly to your clients if you wish to do so.

different banner types

Types of interactions with banners

Before we’ll start going over some of the actual examples of banner advertisement, we should discuss the goals of banner advertising. Banner advertisement has two major points of interest that we have to go over – clicks and impressions. Impressions are counting the number of people that see your banner ad. The main purpose of this goal is to increase brand awareness, even if the customer in question would not click on your banner.

Clicks, or click-throughs, on the other hand, are about the number of people noticing your banner ad and actually clicking on it, getting to your website’s landing page most of the time. Clicks tend to generate leads, make sales, get e-mail signups, and a number of other goals, depending on your engagement priorities.

Retargeting is also something that has to be brought up in this context. Retargeting combines the benefits of both impressions and clicks to target people that have actually interacted with you in some specific way, and the final goal of retargeting is to bring people back in if they haven’t interacted with you in a while.

Now we’re going to go over some of the best banner examples in different shapes and forms. All of the examples are created using Viewst’s online ad builder platform. There are both regular website banners of different sizes, as well as several examples of social media-specific banner ads.

Dog food 300 x 250 banner

300 x 250 banner example

The local dog food supplier advertises their services using the “medium rectangle” banner. This one’s intent is pretty clear even without looking at the actual description of the banner since the largest part of the banner is what attracts the most attention – it is a picture of a dog, supplied with the message “The best food for your dog”. Additionally, the banner itself has the “SALE 30%” message clearly separated from the rest of the banner, a defined CTA in the form of the “Join us now” button, and a calm yellow-grey color palette.

Home decor 300 x 600 banner

300 x 600 banner example

Going for a more neutral aesthetics, this banner ad is done in the “half page” format, offering a lot of free space to the advertised content. The promoted type of product is “Home decor”, and there’s enough free space for both the title of the ad, the slogan, and the picture of said decor to go along with it. The overall light green-ish color palette is hinting at the “natural” feel of the decor, and the placement of the CTA is perfect, as it would be the area that draws the most attention in the first place.

Digital marketing 160 x 600 banner

160 x 600 banner example

Another interesting example of a highly effective banner is presented in these two banner ads of the “wide skyscraper” format. The amount of space available helps with the text and image placement, and the interesting theme of digital marketing is supported by the abstract imagery and the overall lighter colors. This makes the CTA button stand out and draws an eye to itself in both of the cases above.

Kids hats 728 x 90 banner

728 x 90 banner example

“Simple and straightforward” is how you can describe this “leaderboard” banner type. The image of the product in question is there to visualize the advertised product and the overall red color palette is reminiscent of a hot day under the sun. That way, a white CTA “Order now” has an easier time standing out and drawing attention, and the existence of an “up to 25% off” discount makes the matter of choice somewhat urgent in the first place.

Growing plants 300 x 250 banner

300 x 250 banner example

Another example of a standard “medium rectangle” template for various use cases is shown above. In this specific example, the color palette represents the “plants” that are being promoted, along with the image of an actual plant as a part of a banner. Additionally, the positioning of the title, slogan, and CTA is close enough to the picture in question to be in the field of view, so to speak.

Music fest 240 x 400 banner

240 x 400 banner example

A musical event is always a joy to promote since it’s easy to use many different color combinations and banner types to express the same idea. For example, this “vertical rectangle” type of banner uses a combination of a blue background and red font, which is an interesting combination on its own already. Additionally, the “Music FEST” part of the banner naturally attracts attention to itself, combined with a short-worded CTA and event date.

Decor for home 300 x 300 banner

300 x 300 banner example

Another example of home decorations is presented in the form of a “square” banner type, with a relatively unique setup. The darker color of the background highlights the unusual example of a product in this banner, and adding different font styles serves the same purpose. A CTA, on the other hand, is in a distinctive yellow color that is easy to notice, and the message inside is obvious and easy enough to follow.

Italian pizza 320 x 100 banner

320 x 100 banner example

Food banners, on the other hand, are in their own league entirely when it comes to different means of advertising – even though the main principles are mostly the same. In this case, our “large mobile banner” includes not only a picture of a promoted food in question but also the additional ornament on the sides that works in contrast with the dark background color. Additionally, the exquisite nature of the food is highlighted using the cursive font in the header, and the easily noticeable CTA button has most likely the shortest message you could think of.

Work courses 320 x 50 banner

320 x 50 banner example

Work-related advertisements are operating quite nicely in the more mobile-related field. That way, this “mobile leaderboard” ad type fits the message that’s been advertised perfectly, offering remote work, as well as the date of the free consultation. Additionally, there’s an easy-to-notice CTA and a nice combination of light blue and dark blue colors, along with a picture to reinforce the calm and steady feeling of working from home/remotely.

Home decor 300 x 250 banner

300 x 250 banner example

Another way of advertising something within the realms of a popular “medium rectangle” banner format is to play around with text positioning. In this case, a picture of a lamp acts as a centerpiece in this particular case of a banner advertisement. Every other part of a banner is positioned around the picture in question, making it obvious what is being promoted in the first place. That way, everything inside of a banner is “light” in some way, representing the “light” that the lamp sends out. That being said, not all of the banner advertisements are for the regular sites only, there are a lot of cases of such banner ads working inside of a specific social media website – and now we’ll go over a few examples of that, too.

Instagram post ad

Instagram post banner example

Your basic Instagram banner is near-square in shape, and relies mostly on the visual side of things, and only after that – on a description. In this case, we have an advertisement of a digital marketing forum, combined with abstract imagery and a striking combination of grey and yellow colors – which is used to attract attention in the first place. Most of these banners within Instagram usually contain some sort of a link attached, so that it’s easy to learn more about the event just by tapping in a specific area of a picture, or through a link in the description.

Instagram stories ad

Instagram stories ad example

Another way to promote something inside Instagram is via the Stories feed – which is basically another news feed from your subscriptions in the first place. For example, here we have a dance academy promotion, with unusual background color and picture combination, along with another picture to make the purpose of this ad obvious even without the text above it. Another interesting point about this ad, which is especially important in the current landscape, is that it’s an advertisement of online courses in the first place, with the ability to participate from your home – which makes it a lot more convenient for most people.

Facebook post ad

Facebook post banner example

Facebook advertisement has a surprising amount of differences when it comes to comparing it with Instagram advertising. Most of these differences are just the differences between social media sites, really, but the advertisement tends to differ, too. This post above is a good example of that, promoting European furniture with a specific style. The amount of free space on a banner allows for a lot of variety and creativity – or minimalism, as this example suggests. Darker background and a bright notice about a “new collection” are bound to attract a lot of people that are interested in the original furniture.

Facebook event cover ad

Facebook event cover banner example

Another interesting type of banner ad that can be used inside of Facebook is an event cover banner, just like the one pictured above. Such a banner is a great way to promote an upcoming event, with a reference picture in the front of the image, and all of the necessary information besides the picture in question. Additionally, the bright combination of several warm colors allows for an eye-catching banner in general, increasing the chance of a banner being noticed in the first place.

Twitter post ad


Twitter is another example of a well-known social media platform, and it can also be used as an advertisement platform, as well. Let’s take the example above, promoting a dedicated ice cream store. We can see the product itself in the right half of the banner, and both the title and the slogan of the ad are on the left side. The addition of a cursive font to the title highlights the “sweets” side of the ad, and yellow background with raspberries spread around makes it even more attractive and eye-catching.


Banner advertisement is still a very popular field in many ways, and there are many forms that a banner can take depending on the use case. That being said, it’s important to always keep up with the current digital marketing landscape so that you won’t be left behind when the entire world adopts some new ad format or ad type.