15 Creative Car Ads Examples

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Car advertisement can be a rather problematic industry to promote yourself in, since buying a car is no small purchase for most people. Luckily, there are many different services in the same field that are not associated with wasting thousands of dollars on a single purchase, and this article is going to go over multiple different examples of how car ads can be similar and different at the same time

It would be fair to say that different industries have very different levels of competitiveness. Some industries don’t have a lot of competition, and some are always full of companies trying to one-up each other in order to gain a marketing advantage. The automotive industry definitely belongs to the latter category, with a lot of competition and many different marketing avenues used to promote both products and services of the industry.

Online advertisement can also be quite useful when it comes to the automotive industry specifically, even though it might not seem like the industry and the promotion method fit each other very well. However, if we take into account all of the less obvious services of the industry, such as car renting, car washing, and selling different car parts such as wheels – it becomes a lot easier to fit digital ads into this picture.

At the same time, car advertisements tend to encounter the same problems that the rest of the banner ad industry is facing on a regular basis – being both original and effective with your banner design. Luckily, you can always take inspiration from one of our creative car ad examples that we are showcasing below. This list of examples was organized to create multiple groups of ads for easier comprehension, and the grouping itself is mostly based on banner sizes.

Creative car banner examples for Facebook 1080×1920 pixels 

creative car ads example facebook 1080x1920

The first group of examples starts off with vertical banners of a 9:16 aspect ratio and 1080×1920 pixels in terms of dimensions. Since all these examples are Facebook ads first and foremost, it is only fair to mention that this particular combination of dimensions is used for advertisements in Facebook Stories.

You can see here that this particular banner uses a somewhat minimalistic background design with black color prevailing in the overall color scheme – and both the title and the CTA are as simple as possible, focusing on the sole purpose of a banner, which is car rental service promotion. 

creative car ads example facebook 1080x1920

The second banner example takes a drastically different approach to the same idea of promoting either a car selling or a car renting service. This particular banner is bright and colorful, most of the background is taken by a beautiful car, and even the title is slightly different from the classic short and simple combination of words. This particular title dabbles a bit into the slang territory, using the word “wheels” instead of “car” to look different and stand out more for the potential customer.

creative car ads example facebook 1080x1920

Not all of the promotional car backgrounds have to be filmed in the real world, and this example is a good showcase of how that can work. This particular example is a car with an abstract-looking background that combines colors white and yellow to make an attractive visual mix. The banner itself also promotes car renting services and wastes no time in telling us the purpose of the banner with just a few words in the title.

creative car ads example facebook 1080x1920

At the same time, not all of the car ad elements are fixed in place, and this banner is a good showcase of how things can be done differently. Instead of the aforementioned CTA button, this banner only uses a title card but adds another element to the mix – the price of the service in question. Since the nature of the price itself is not specified, there is room for variation and room for speculation, which can be used to attract more people that are curious about the service or the car in question.

creative car ads example facebook 1080x1920

The last example of this group also tries something different, changing one of the persistent elements of the car banner to make itself look more special and unique. The background of this banner is fairly simple, a luxurious car surrounded by your regular city background. However, what’s different here is the banner title – the banner uses the name of a popular vehicle as its title card, with the only driving force behind this banner being a CTA titled “Book now”. The idea here is that the very name of the vehicle is supposed to serve as a motivator for potential customers to click the CTA button and use the service in question.

Square creative car banner examples 1080×1080 pixels 

creative car ads example facebook 1080x1920

Of course, there are many other banner sizes and shapes that can be used for advertisement purposes, including car ads. Our second group of advertisements has 1080 pixels in both width and height, making the images themselves square. 

This first example uses its title to specify the target audience to some degree – mentioning how it is a service that only rents sports cars. It uses a picture of a moving vehicle as the background to put more emphasis on the cars themselves being fast and agile, and the additional text message underneath the title is used for general purposes such as offering to find a perfect vehicle for every customer.

creative car ads example facebook 1080x1080

This article is not going to be exclusively about car rental services, either – the example above showcases a service that lets you exchange your old car for a new one in specific conditions. The attractive nature of the service, combined with the immediate offer to try out the newer model of a popular car is a surefire combination that can attract a lot of users to the service in question.

creative car ads example facebook 1080x1080

Since both Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same parent company, it is not that surprising to see banner standards being shared across multiple social media websites. As such, this particular example is a banner for Instagram, even though it has dimensions that are identical to previous examples from Facebook. It is a luxury car rental service that uses darker colors and an image of a Mercedes car almost completely enveloped in darkness to further signify its sense of luxury.

Creative car banner examples for Facebook 1200×628 pixels 

creative car ads example facebook 1200x628

The next category is also focused mainly on Facebook banner images – Facebook Feed Image ads, to be specific. These advertisements are 628 pixels tall and 1200 pixels wide, creating a rather basic rectangular shape that is fairly popular on all websites, not just social media platforms. 

This banner follows the pattern of offering some service that is not just car rental with expensive vehicles – this one is all about repair and maintenance, be it for cars themselves or specific equipment. This banner can be considered rather basic, with a one-note background and only a few objects that are placed apart from each other in this background. However, the simplicity can also be extremely effective in the correct circumstances, and this combination of objects and information is both short and descriptive, making it a great Facebook Feed Image.

creative car ads example facebook 1200x628

There are several ways to present a “simple” service, with one example being presented in the previous image. This image, on the other hand, uses a bit more complex background,  but removes almost all of the text from the image, letting the visuals speak more for themselves. The background image in question is an image of a vehicle during the washing process, and it is rather easy to see that the car itself is being washed – but there is also a short title card that says “Delux Car Wash” to make it even more obvious what the nature of this service is.

Creative car banner examples for Facebook 1920×1005 pixels 

creative car ads example facebook 1920x1005

The next category of car banner examples is a direct continuation of the previous one, scaling both the height and width of the 1200×628 banner by about 1.6, creating a 1920×1005 pixels banner size. This one follows the same rules as the previous banner template, which is why it is also a fairly standard rectangle that can be used in many different situations.

This specific example is a variation of the example we have discussed before already, combining an obviously luxurious car that is on the move with the correct combination of a title and additional text boxes. The entire banner also uses a muted, mostly black-and-white color palette in an attempt to instill a sense of importance and royalty into the visitors.

creative car ads example facebook 1920x1005

The second showcase of a car washing service is our next car banner example, and this one follows a bit of a different formula than the previous one. If the previous example was adamant about being as short as possible, this one does not have any qualms about adding more information to a banner, including a CTA button and a phone number. The basic idea of this banner is still the same – a background with a vehicle being washed as the means of non-verbal information transmission.

Other examples of creative car banners

creative car ads examples linkedin 1584x396

Our last group of ads in this article combines every single car ad example that did not fit into any of the other groups, which is why this specific group was created. The first example here is a colorful banner that is wider than it is tall, which makes it slightly less versatile when compared with banners such as the 1200×628 one. The banner itself uses a combination of blue and yellow colors to attract attention to itself, and there is little to no text information on the banner aside from a title card that sounds like a call-to-action.

creative car ads examples linkedin 820x312

The next example is 820×312 pixels, which also makes it a rather unconventional banner type. It uses a lot of blue shades in its color palette, making both the background and the CTA button match the color of the car in the image. This specific example puts a lot more emphasis on the cars being loaned (with “loan” being the biggest word on the banner), and the purpose of the banner itself is fairly easy to figure out at first glance.

creative car ads examples twitter 1500x500

The last, but not least, the banner example in this article is also using the aforementioned slang in the wording of the title, and it also puts the price of the service on the banner itself, which is a fairly unconventional move. The overall color palette of the banner is light and the text is easy to read, making it a great banner in terms of user-friendliness.


There is a lot of creativity involved in making banner ads as a whole, and each branch or field has its own specific traits or specialties that can be used for promotion purposes. There is no limit on how many unique banners can be created within the same field, but it is always useful to figure out what was already used to draw inspiration from it, at the very least.

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