10 Real Estate LinkedIn Banner Examples

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Creating a unique banner for any marketing campaign can be rather difficult, and there are several different reasons for that. The lack of understanding of what works and what doesn’t within that sphere can be a problem, or it can be just the lack of inspiration altogether. The latter is the exact reason why we are creating this article – to provide a number of different real estate LinkedIn banners that can showcase different advertising techniques and different ad placements to take inspiration from.

The main goal of each and every advertisement out there is to promote a business, a product or a service. The more people know about the business/product/service, the more likely there would be customers for that product or service. This logic applies universally to the advertisement world as a whole, and the real estate segment is no exception.

Real estate ads have two large potential branches or pathways they can go for – promoting either the business itself as a whole or specific houses that the business has on sale. Real estate ads can be created in many different forms – the same way you can create any other ad.

One of these forms of advertisement is the usage of social media banners for websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so on. The main goal of these banners specifically is to target groups of people within that website that may be interested in real estate services – and there are a lot of complex calculations and algorithms involved in figuring out what people should be targeted.

However, proper targeting isn’t everything here – the proper design of the banner in question is also really important when it comes to relaying the correct message from the business to the customer. Unfortunately, it is basically impossible to create a definitive guide on how to build a perfect social media ad, since a lot of it boils down to the person’s creativity, at the very least.

Real estate LinkedIn banner examples

However, it is possible to be decently helpful in figuring out the best way to create a LinkedIn real estate banner – by providing examples of different banners within the same field. This is exactly what we are going to do, listing ten different real estates LinkedIn banner examples that have different sizes and different purposes. 

This set of banner examples is going to be split into three different groups based on their dimensions. There are multiple banner sizes that can be used throughout LinkedIn, and each banner size has its own place and time.

1200×628 LinkedIn banner ads examples

LinkedIn real estate banner example 1200x628 pixels

The first banner group here consists of banners that are all 628 pixels tall and 1200 pixels wide. This particular shape is the closest one to a square out of all three groups in this article, so this allows for more imagery to be included within a single banner. 

You can see here how this banner is trying to be somewhat simple, with an image of a house being at the lower part of the picture, while a massive “sale” sign takes far more free space. The same goes for the starting price for the houses of the real estate agency in question – and it is also the only text block on the banner in general, with no title in sight.

LinkedIn real estate banner example 1200x628 pixels

The next banner example is a bit different in its presentation since it lacks both the price and the massive “sale” sign as its centerpiece. What it does have is a relatively small house as a centerpiece of the picture that uses a creative way to position its short title “Home Loan”, with the addition of a “Special offer” sign above it. The difference in font colors makes it easier to spot both messages, and the lack of other objects in the frame makes sure that nothing can take the customer’s eyes away from the advertisement message.

LinkedIn real estate banner example 1200x628 pixels

There are practically zero limits to how you can position your text messages within a banner, and this particular example is a good showcase of that. It uses a rather luxurious house as the centerpiece of the image while also adding both the title card in the corner (“House For Sale”), as well as the price at the side of the image. Both the fact that the price stands out so much from the rest of the image and the fact that all banner text uses a nice-looking unusual font makes this banner rather hard to miss.

LinkedIn real estate banner example 1200x628 pixels

That’s not to say that the house itself has to be the centerpiece of a real estate banner – and this example can prove that, using only about a third of the image to showcase a house as the main purpose of the business itself. The rest of the background is used by a rather creatively shaped blue image with a classic combination of banner elements – a short title and a CTA button that is done in a bright yellow color to attract attention to itself more efficiently.

1400×425 LinkedIn banner ads examples

linkedin real estate banner example 1400x425 pixels

This next group of banners gets slightly longer and a bit less tall, with 425 pixels in height and 1400 pixels in length. What this means for the contents of each banner like this is that there is a bit less space to work with, so the object placement has to become more creative.

This particular banner uses only a part of the regular house for the banner image, but the color of the house and the original image’s background color have a notable contrast, which makes the banner in question stand out and attract attention. The title of the ad is as simple as it gets, and the message of the banner is as clear as a day for anyone.

linkedin real estate banner example 1400x425 pixels

At the same time, pictures of the entire house can also be utilized in this format, if approached correctly. The image above uses a completely white background that has both the picture of the entire house and the price-title combination in different corners of the image. What is interesting here is how there is no background for the price text, which is why the font’s color is black – but the title’s color is white, which is why it has a solid grey background rectangle placed within the borders of the banner. This is a rather unusual approach that has a lot of potential in terms of user attraction.

linkedin real estate banner example 1400x425 pixels

A similar approach is used in the next example that you can see above – even though it looks completely different, it uses the same structure as the previous one. The catch here is how the color of the outer walls of the house is the same as the banner’s background, creating a banner that does not feel like a combination of contrasting parts at all. This one also has the traditional combo of the price and the title, and a nice font for both text messages to accompany it.

1584×396 LinkedIn banner ads examples

LinkedIn real estate banner example 1584x396 pixels

The last real estate banner group on this list has the highest length and the lowest height of the three, with a combination of dimensions at 1584×396 pixels. This banner shape is the closest to the traditional “leaderboard” ad size, which makes it moderately complicated to work with when it comes to placing regular house images – since most of those would not be able to fit into this particular combination of dimensions. However, there are ways to work around it, and you can see a couple of examples above and below. The example above uses a close-up of a house with trees in the background, and all of the banner’s text is concentrated within the center of the image, in a bright semi-transparent orange object that lists both the title of the banner and the price for the object that is promoted.

LinkedIn real estate banner example 1584x396 pixels

The other way to approach a banner with this shape is to use a different camera angle for the picture in question – just like this one example above. It uses an image of several skyscrapers to showcase not a specific building, but the general concept of a home. This image is then combined with a rather plain background that also has both the title and the price – a classic combination of elements that we already went over multiple times by now.

LinkedIn real estate banner example 1584x396 pixels

The last banner of this article also uses this unusual camera angle for the background picture – and, when combined with the unusual design of the building itself, this leads to a rather nice-looking background for a real estate LinkedIn ad. There is also little to no text in the image, with the only exception being the logo of the service – the one that also dubs as the title, as well, since it is quite literally called “real estate”. 


There is no limit to how many different real estate ads can be created for LinkedIn banner dimensions since creativity is also going to be able to produce unique ad pieces to be used for various marketing campaigns. We hope that these examples were helpful to our users when it comes to drawing inspiration from advertisements in the same field which is real estate.

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