Variable content generation

What variable content generation is all about

It is the ability to add multiple variants for each image, button or text, or even language on a banner in just a single project. Using this feature could be used for creating banners for ecommerce shop SKU’s, localization of the creative to different languages, multiple A/B-tests, different CTA’s and headings.

How to add variations

  1. Choose the textbutton, or image for which you want to add variations.
  2. Click the Add content variations button 1.
  3. Type the text 2 or choose the image 3.

For images you can also change the Fill mode 4. We recommend using the Fit option.

You can add as many variations for every element as you want.

You can delete unnecessary variants by clicking the Delete button 5. To disable variations for elements, just leave the single variant.

How to download all created variants

  1. Click the Download button 6.
  2. Choose the file type 7.
  3. Choose the generation type 8
    — The By order option is perfect for product SKUs and localisation. 
    — All possible variations is great for A/B testing to get the maximum number of variants. 
    — The Current displayed variant is great to test a creative in the ad network or approve it with stakeholders.
  4. Wait to generate and download. It may take some time.

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