How to add images to the brandbook

Viewst has huge image libraries with images for any circumstances. However, if you want to work with specific brand images in different projects, you can upload images and organize them with Brandbooks.

To upload images to the brandbook:

  1. Open the Brandbooks page from the Menu 1 and choose the Brandbook to upload.
  2. Click on the Upload images button 2.
  3. Choose image files from your computer (we support PNG, JPG and SVG).
  4. The uploaded images will appear on the brandbook’s page 3 and on the My tab of the Images panel 4 and will be available from any project you work with.

You can also add images to the Brandbook directly from the project’s Design page by clicking the “⭐️” button 5 on the image and choosing the Brandbook you want to add..

To delete an image, click the “×” button 6.

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