Create a project

To create project:

1. To create a project open the Projects page and click on the New project button in the Action bar 1 or in the Projects gallery 2.

2. Choose project type 3 from the list:

  • Display banners (web banners)
  • Social media (posts, stories, covers and other formats for social networks)
  • Video (VAST, VPAID creatives are for pros only)
  • Floating banner

Then choose the size from the list by clicking its card 4 or add your own size 5 by typing its dimensions in the Custom size card.

3. Choose a pre-designed template by clicking on its card 6 or choose Blank to create a design from scratch 7.

4. Next, start working on the design and animation of your project.

5. The created project will appear on the Projects page. 

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