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Change text style

You can change the text style not only for Text elements but also for Buttons. Text style includes fonts, size, line height, alignment and color.

To change the Font:

  1. Click on the Font Family menu 1.
  2. Choose the font from the library of 1100+ fonts. You can search for fonts by name, by typing it into the font field 2.
  3. Click on the font to apply it.
  4. Fonts can contain different styles e.g. Bold or Italic. You can view and change these in the Style menu 3.

To change the alignment:

Click on one of the available Text align options: left, center, or right 4.

To change color:

  1. Click on the Color preview 5.
  2. Choose color in the Palette 6 by clicking on the hue and shade you would like. You can also set the specific color using hex, rgb or hsl codes.

To change the size:

Set the text Size in the field 7 by clicking the “+” or “-” buttons or by typing the specific value.

To change the line height (the distance between text lines):

Set the Line height in the field 8 by clicking the “+” or “-” buttons or by typing the specific value.

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