Add a size

Any Viewst project may contain dozens of different sizes. All ads you need for your campaign can be stored in one project.

Adding formats

To add sizes to a project:

  1. Click on the Add size (former Add format) button on the menu 1 or рroject page 2.
  2. Choose one or more sizes you want to add, including your own sizes.
  3. Click the Choose button 3 to confirm.
  4. The chosen sizes with the same elements and styles will appear on the project page.

Content syncing

Elements and content in Viewst sync across all sizes in the project. There is no need to edit every ad size. When you type new text or replace an image, these changes will be distributed to all sizes in the project.

What will sync:

  • canvas: fill, border.
  • texts: typed text, font, text colour, opacity, alignment, shadow, size constraints.
  • images: selected image, shape or icon, fill, opacity, shadow, border, size constraints.
  • buttons: call to action text, fill, opacity, shadow, border, size constraints.

What will not syncing:

  • exact element size;
  • the element’s position on the canvas.

Text, images, and buttons will always be identical in the different sizes within the project. You can create ads with different content by duplicating and editing a project.

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